4 Vials of Novolin R to Donate

I was switched to Novolog from Novolin R this past Sept. I have 4 vials of Novolin R that I would like to donate to someone. One vial has an expiration date of Nov, 2009 and 3 vials have expiration dates of Jan. 2010. I wanted to be sure that I didnt need to go back to the Novolin R before I tried to give them away. They are capped vials in their boxes. I line in McKinney, Tx. which is north of Dallas about 30 miles. I prefer that someone from this area pick them up. I will be in Richardson,Tx. on 2/10, 2/11,2/15,2/16 should that work for someone better.
I hope to have the Novolog penfills I have on on hand to donate in a few months. I went to a new endo a little over 2 weeks ago and he had me get off the Novolog by adding 2000mg a day of Metformin to the actos and glimepiride I was already on. I increased Lantus a couple of units. So far, it has worked very well and sure hope it continues. It is great not having to do any premeal shots.
If I can help someone who has no insurance for whatever reason, that would be a plus.
David Shoemaker