What can i do with unopened Novolog

I changed insulins and have three unopened Novolog bottles with a 5/20 expiration.

My CDE works at a free clinic once a month and would take them. Your diabetes care person may know of a place. Also here in Utah we have an insulin4all chapter that helps people in need. I am in my 70s and have instructed my family not to throw out any supplies should I get hit by a bus. :smirk: Hope this helps.

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have a few also thanks for the advice

Insulin for life is a great organization for many unopened and not expired diabetes supplies.

One wouldn’t know the storage conditions of donated insulin. I’m surprised that donated insulin is accepted.

There are also mission trips that take donated anything as long as it’s not expired. They are running on barely any budget usually so I think it’s take what you can get. I usually hear about them on Instagram or Youtube.

I ended up with several boxes of old-style Omnipods when I switched to the Dash platform. I donated them to our local free clinic. They were thrilled to get them.