40 Years!

I just completed 40 years of T1. And I can say that I am really tired of this. Tired of worrying about blood sugars, counting carbs, testing, do I have enough insulin, test strips and pump supplies until the insurance will let me get more. Should I eat this or that, am I exercising enough, should I exercise with my sugars where they are. Sometimes I just cant go on...but I do. I do because it beats the alternative. I know it could be worse and I am lucky I have been able to manage it so well. It would be so nice to be able to have a weekend off.
As much as I preach that I am not a Diabetic but I do have diabetes. It is part of who I am now. I know its true that a lot of who I am is because of Diabetes. I have a very keen attention to detail. Always alert of my surrounding and a great planner. I live life to the fullest and realize how precious life is. I have never let diabetes stop me and I am confident I can go on more. But I am tired....

Wooooo! While I can relate to your underlying feelings of "enough," your blog has so many positive messages that I can only think how lucky I would be to get to a 40 year anniversary. Keep on keeping on, jmac!

39 years for me and yup, I'm tired too.
But, when I stepped out the door to a beautiful spring Minnesota morning and heard the cardinals singing, I thought "it's worth the effort".

Congratulations, 40 years is a very long time. I hope I will have the same attitude in a few years.

It is exhausting. I sooo understand. Just wish that all our efforts paid off on every bolus, but for me it is a crap shoot everytime.

Let me see, how long for me, hmmmm, I used to be good at math, 46 years.

Congratulations sir....we need more inspirations like you ...one salute

Congraats to you on 40 years. You did it! Your doing it! It can be done!