Pregnancy and Type 1 Question

For those who have been pregnant and have type 1, how early in your pregnancy did you see your blood sugars being effected by the baby? Were there signs before you even had a positive test?

How difficult was it to manage your sugars during pregnancy? Any other tips you found helpful would be great too!

I've had T1D for close to 24 years and my A1C is 5.7 - just investigating information. Thank you!!!

Hello, I've had two very healthy, normal pregnancies. My hbA wasn't good before I became pregnant ( not advisable ). For the first time in my life I got my bg under control and the hbA down to 5%. I was very, very strict with the first pregnancy, testing every two hours. I only noticed a change in the last trimester, with my insulin needs increasing. Both little girls weighed 6lbs and 6lbs 5oz, so delivery was quick and relatively easy. Try not to worry and rest as much as you possibly can. I hope others have great birth experiences. Your A1c is terrific, well done. Oh, I can't say if I noticed a change in bg at the beginning because I wasn't very strict at the time I became pregnant.

How wonderful to hear you had two healthy, sweet girls! Thanks for sharing!!

I wasn't trying to conceive but around the time of my period my bloodsugars increased a bit and it lasted for a few weeks, then I had sensitivity from about 6-10 weeks. The resistance and increased insulin needs hit me really hard around 18 weeks. So before I got pregnant I was taking about 25-28 units/day, now It's 55-58 units/day and I am 21 weeks now. I am not sure if the resistance hit me earlier - and it may be worse for me at the end mainly because we are expecting twins. Hope that helps!

I had low blood sugar issues almost my entire pregnancy. I became actually very insulin sensitive, of course that has been nearly 17 years ago and on horrid 70/30 insulin, but I was up to about 36 weeks before I finally started to seem to have an increase need in my insulin. Go figure, just another way there is no two similar cases of diabetes.

me too. I found out about my pregnancy when I was having hypos that required assist. Doc did a test and wah lah. That was a long time ago, I would expect things are easier with today's regime, tools, and knowledge. I don't have any tips, but recommend an OB that understands how to treat a pregnant diabetic and will work with your endo or whoever sees after your diabetes.