Good Luck Sam!

Wanted to wish Sam good luck tomorrow! She is starting the dosing regimen for DEFEND-2. It’s a long haul, hoping that you get the drug, dealing with the appointments and trying to be normal, but in the end it will be worth it. If you didn’t catch samsmom’s post, this is the daughter with T1DM she mentions.

Thanks for being part of the clinical trial. We are a select few who will take the risk of being on clinical trial. A lot of people say that they would do anything to work toward a cure, but very few follow through.

Here’s hoping you get the drug!


Thanks, it means a lot. Getting ready to pack my things for sitting around the hospital. Get this: the study nurse we’re meeting tomorrow is Nancy Miracle. Maybe she will get the drug! And she will feel wonderful! And the drug will be approved! And everyone will feel wonderful!