Latest HbA1C from the DEFEND-2 Clinical Trial


I had my 15 month clinical trial appointment on Monday. Hard to believe that I only have 2 visits left on the trial (18 and 24 months). Both of those are mixed meal tests, so I really can’t say that I am looking forward to them. The best part of the trial visits is getting my A1C drawn and seeing where I’m at. The summer, school and my diet have really wreaked havoc on my body and I thought my A1C would reflect how I feel. I figured my A1C would be in the mid to high 5’s since I have been having more trouble keeping my BG out the 120’s for a day at at time.

Well I was completely wrong and in a hella good way. IT CAME BACK AT… [you’ll have to click the link above to find out :wink: ]

That’s such good news, I think I should start praying that your results are at least partially due to the trial & not solely based on your obsessiveness. Sam will be one year since diagnosis at Thanksgiving & her A1C stays right around 7, even though she doesn’t do much in the way of control. We are having such a tough time right now & I’m finally realizing that a big part of the problem has been our doctor’s office, so I’m going to switch her soon. This week, we went to her endo & the CDE came out in the waiting room & took Sam’s pump to the back to download. She came back out in the waiting room & jumped on Sam in front of everyone, saying, “There aren’t any numbers in here! What have you been doing? Just guesstimating? Why do you even have a pump?!” I just filed a HIPPA violation form & sent it to the office & officially submitted it. Yes, Sam is a teenager & she’s not doing everything by the book, especially since school started, & I can tell she doesn’t want to test in front of her classmates & friends. Argh! It’s been a rough week. Just got back from a family reunion, had to come home early because Sam forgot to pack her insulin. Anyway, I’m encouraging Sam to do a “news” project for her school for November- diabetes awareness month. Maybe that will help. She can even report on the trial, because I think it’s definitely been a good experience.

Good work on the HIPPA thing, I’m about 3/4 sick of CNPs and CDE’s… but that’s another story unto itself. Yeah the whole testing in front of people thing is a ■■■■■. You either don’t care or it really bothers you. I quit caring a long time ago, but I also quit explaining diabetes to people a long time ago too. It’s a lot of yups and changing of subjects because i’m just sick of saying the same thing over and over again. Pry doesn’t hurt that I’m 27 and in medical school, so it’s not like it’s a new thing to anyone there.