5 Ways To Strengthen the Diabetes Community

The title of this article is specific to Type 1, but we think it applies to ALL types. A special thank you to Insulin Nation for mentioning TuDiabetes.


Hmmm. I tried to post a reply but couldn’t. It said “log in to post”. I am more than willing to register and log in, but I don’t see a place to do that.


In fact, I can’t even find a “contact us” link with which to ask them. Grrrrr.

Thanks for posting this, @curlysarah!
There are some great points in that article.

I especially agree with number 4, “stop being so inspirational”. I think for us, we’re being graded multiple times every day by the numbers provided by our CGMs and BG meters. And then there are those who compare A1c results. It’s so easy to get caught up in that, in trying to be perfect all the time and all the self judgment and blame. I find that while inspiration has its place, stories about our struggles are just as important.

Number 5; “seeking out diversity”, also brings up an interesting and important point that is often just glossed over.


@curlysarah I posted it on my Facebook page. It’s a great article.

thanks for posting this, i like number 2, & 5. i find both to be good.

i find number 5 help, ! bring up a point i like a lot,! some of like i it is one thing,! it get over-look to much,! & it is often just glossed over. i try a lot on my blog to try,! & point out stuff,! i think help us type-1 & 2 out !.

They’re using the FaceBook comment system. I happen to already be logged into my FB account so don’t have the problem, but the irritating downside of sites using that system is that it requires you to have a FB account in the first place. Which—incroyable!—not everyone does.

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Quite so. I don’t. Used to and gave it up in sheer disgust.

Same here. No FB for me. Set up an account once just so I could access something else. Never use it. I’m just a little more private than most who seem to be addicted to FB. (Or “Bookface” as one of my patients refers to it.)

me on the other hand ! :heart: my fb, due to a lot of things! to many to put down.

but don’t take me wrong!. some-stuff need to stay private,. just not me never been that type of person.

It also posts any comments you make to these types of articles to your Facebook feed for all your friends to see. It’s for this reason I never comment on articles using this system. I don’t tend to share a lot about diabetes or other health problems on Facebook, so would feel weird knowing that all my friends, family, and colleagues are seeing my comments on these types of health-related articles.

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If you are a member of closed groups on fb, though (which any good group regarding medical issues would be) The rest of your friends can’t see anything that’s going on inside hat closed group unless they’re also a member— at least that’s how I think it works. I post absolutely nothing about diabetes in public on fb-- thousands of posts about t1 diabetes aren’t what I want prospective employers reading about when they google my real name.

I’ve even had discussions with the few diabetic friends I have in the real world to ask them not to tag me with their diabetes posts etc on fb. It’s my business-- if I chose to share it with them, it doesn’t mean I approve of them sharing it with the world

Yes, true about the closed groups. I’m a member of many regarding health issues. But I think the article comments are public.

Although, if you really want total privacy regarding health issues, it’s worth noting that the private groups you have joined are on your public profile (or maybe there’s a way to make it friends-only). So, in a way, even joining those groups is disclosing health information.

My understanding is that comments posted within a closed group are only viewable within the group. I looked at my fb profile from the outside and couldn’t see any of the closed groups of which I’m a member, only the public groups. Pm me if you’re interested in exploring this topic together

There’s actually a checkbox when you post a comment–that’s the default but you can switch it off.

Yep, I’ve explored this more and found that they don’t show up for the public or my friends. Which is great! I assumed friends, at least, could see all the private groups I was part of.