Looking to Make New Friends on Here

Thanks for reading my post. I joined TuDiabetes about a month ago and am trying to make new friends, so I figured I would make this post to try and do that. Its really great that there is a forum where I can intereact with others that share some of the same challenges that I do. Drop me a request if you would like to be friends.


Glad to meet you and hope to become fast friends. I am a Type 2 on an insulin pump. Was diagnosed while I was in my 30s. Know a lot but have a lot to learn. If you want to know more, please feel free to visit my site. My full site is under Lois La Rose.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

LADA, on shots and a 5.9 A1c? What’s your secret?? Would love to hear how you maintain such a great A1c. I sometimes still seem to struggle with finding my perfect balance between food and insulin. I’m on shots and so far have turned down the pump because I don’t believe pumpers have any better control than I do and in my mind the expense of the pump and supplies at the moment out weigh the benefits.

Welcome to the community, Christopher!

Have you joined any groups yet? We have groups specifically to connect LADA diabetics, at least three groups for New Yorkers, a group for One Touch users, etc. Great way to meet other people with similar interests, treatments, or lifestyles.

Hey, Chris. Well, as an admin here in the community, I have to say that the best way to get people here to learn about your site is to formally request permission from the admin team (click the “send feedback” link) to promote it. We have different methods to go about it, but asking permission is the first step. We review the request and then give you details on how to proceed based on the nature of the site.

One of the concerns we have about openly promoting sites is that it uses our member base to solicit hits, so you do have to be cleared by our team to mention it in threads.

No problem. I look forward to your contributions!

BTW-- I did subscribe to your diabetes news service and I really like it. I get great articles about the latest diabetes news without having to search the web for them. Thanks.