504 issue

I have posted this a couple of different places sorry if you have already read this.

Hi I have started the 504 process with Maddy’s school. However her counselor left a VM at home and I emailed her to schedule a time. This is the email I received from her:

I was hoping to get together with you to discuss your concerns with regard to Madison’s health .I would like a better understanding of her condition and your concerns. If a that time we believe the 504 is the best way to go. Then if we think a 504 is required we will have to meet with all of Madison’s teachers ,the nurse, the school psychologist and myself. This will have to be a 3:15 meeting because all of the teachers have different preps. Let me know a good time to just get together. I am here until 3:40 bun will stay later if I need to.

Is this cool? Or should I push for the 504 even if she doesn’t think its necessary? Help?
I scheduled a meeting with her for MOnday at 3:20.

As I understand 504’s they are covered by a federal education regulation; I am not a lawyer, I teach 6th grade Social Studies and as I understand them from a teacher’s standpoint anytime there is a medical diagnosis that could affect the student’s ability to perform academically a 504 is needed. I am sure you can find a copy of this regulation somewhere on-line; I would start with the ADA site. Now as a parent of a child with diabetes I hestitate to label my child and let diabetes in anyway limit him but let’s face it Maddy can’t cognitively function to the best of her ability if her blood sugars are greater than 250; this level is different with different kids but generally it is around that level. If nothing else you need that 504 so she is able to take a test when she is functioning at her best academically (you wouldn’t want her taking a high stakes test (each state calls them something else but testing is required as part of the No Child Left Behind program). There are many other reasons for a 504 but academic testing is always what I think of as a teacher. I hope this helps; we have been blessed with a wonderful school system in which we have actually been encouraged to consider a 504.

Thank you. I got the 504 from the ADA website. I have been advised by several people to get the 504. I thought it was automatic. But from the way she is sounding. Its like “She” gets to make the decision on wether we do one or not. I will however set her straight, plus I am going to take my DH for support. Thank you, the main reasons I want to have the 504 is for the testing and getting automatically excused for Dr. appts and that sort of thing. Plus she is in an after school team that travels and that sort of thing, I just want to make sure that all of our bases are covered.

I wrote something up myself -following the outline given from ADA. Fortunately for us - we met the day before school started with all the teachers, the principal, the school nurse, counselor, and the head cook, and gym teacher. They were very accommodating and helpful and accepting of what I was expecting. We have had a wonderful year - but I hear lots from others that they do not seem to have the same situation. As Lori said - the 504 is covered by a federal law and is yours and Madisons right to a fair education. I have heard from so many parents who have said that the school staff said it would be fine to test BG in class or would check prior to tests, or would make arrangements for food to be available . . .but then when it was not in writing after the fact thier child was left to walk to the nurses office when really low, or not give the opportunity to eat bc it might not be snack time . . .(these are just examples off the top of my head) . . .

I think even more than protection it serves as a guideline for substitutes or staff who are not with her on a regular basis, it gives emergency numbers and protocol to use if any type of emergency should arise. I think it is such a good thing to have and am glad that we have one in place. We also have a clause that states that everything is subject to change as her medical needs change - such as her dosing, or soon she will be going on the pump . . . The school NEEDS to accomodate and needs to take this seriously. Diabetes not only affects her ability to learn (with high BG, or Low BG), but can have major health complications if not taken care of daily and they need to take it seriously.

Here is a link to the 504/health plan that we have on file at her school. I made it up ahead of time and we attached the actual Kanawha county 504 forms to the back - all the teachers signed and dated. Accountability is key.

Good luck!

I keep trying to past a link to our 504 - but it will not take the link - so here is the website just copy and paste the link https://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dhhm8gcs_8cdqz8tvw&hl=en Let me know if it does not work.

Push for the 504 Plan. It is your right under the law and the school cannot refuse (although some school systems have fought it and they will lose). The 504 Plan is legal protection for your daughter and details how you wish the school to care for her. Only the 504 is legally binding; health plans are not. Your endo should have a lot of the forms necessary or you can download 504’s online. From our own experience, though, I would have the endo write into the doctor’s orders that you can and do have the endo’s permission adjust your daughter’s insulin as needed. We have this in our 504 but have had to argue it with one of the school nurses. Otherwise, you might get a nurse who wants a new doctor’s order every time you adjust the dose, implement a temp basal, etc. LOL.

You should talk to the nurse, not the counselor. The nurse is the person in most school districts that writes the 504 plan WITH you. The nurse should then convene everyone involved to explain the 504 plan that you designed for your daugther TOGETHER. Don’t budge on this. It’s important to have for her and it’s her right.

I have a 504 plan for my son. I was able to add that I wanted an extra set of books for him at the house - it was
too difficult for him to check blood sugar at the nurse’s office, and run back and organize his books - he was always forgetting them . Our school is large and not set up too well. The children change classes and have open cubicles for their books - it is mass bedlum. Add to the fact that he is not organized. ANyway, it has made a huge difference for him. I could also put in it that he could test in the classroom - he prefers the nurses office. I have a friend whose son’s 504 allows him to carry a backpack in the school with his testing supplies in it. Once you have one, you have it and can make changes - or not- as needed. I would highly recommend it because it also alerts all of the teachers to your child’s health concerns. SOme 504’s state that their child may carry a water bottle, have access to the bathroom - any number of things. I would definitely recommend a 504 - it is your legal right and is helpful for your child.

Is there a place that clearly states my rights to have a 504? I want to go in armed with all info. They sent out a letter stating that we were going to have an SST/Possible 504 letter. GRRR I want to go in armed with everything. I can’t believe that they are being so awful where this is concerned. Thanks Ladies.

Your Awesome Tonyia, I found Diabetes in the Hidden Disabilities. THanks a bunch. I am going to book mark this and add it to my stuff to fight with. Hopefully I wont have to and they will see my points. Had an issue today DD’s BS was 300 and she had to take a test. I told her to talk with her T and tell her that BS was 300 and see what happens. this will tell me right away wether we actually need the 504 for this reason or not. Hopefully she didn’t bomb the test. But we will see.
Thanks a bunch everyone!

:slight_smile: I go to my meeting tomorrow at 3:20, Thanks to your information I have very powerful ammunition. I am going tonight to have my 504 plan copied and made to look pretty and I am going to print out that information. I want them to know I mean business and I know my daughters rights. I have also been advised by a special ed teacher (who is a family friend and is a good friend to my daughter and basically a mentor, she has diabetes as well) to contact the office of civil rights if they deny me. As for the test she told the teacher that her BS was 300 and she still had to take the test and is not sure how she did. She thinks she did ok, but really with a BS that high, how can she even think?

I think its hard for some people to understand how debilitating some diseases can be and others are very apparent. Diabetes is not widely advertised (type 2 is but not type 1) and people don’t understand it. Plus its not something that they can see. WE have an form from the Dr. w/the medical plan so they are aware of her diagnosis. So I am puzzled as to why they think that they can deny someone, even if she had straight A’s I would still push for it, because what about that 1 time, it only takes 1 time to have something happen, that 1 time she has a seizure, or passes out and they wait for 911. But you know that feeling too.
I am glad to have friends who understand. Thanks for the support.

Hi Tonyia,
The meeting went well. Let me say first that they are all very impressed with how DD is handling this blow. They listened to everything I had to say and pretty much gave me everything I wanted except the 504. But they are willing to do those things w/out the 504. Should her situation change (grades start to drop, she starts missing school…etc) we will do the 504. I am ok with this because she is doing well, the issues that we have had have been addressed and taken care of. I will talk with her Dr. WE have some issues that need to be addressed, some hypo-unawareness and we would like to get a pump,that sort of thing. But I must say I was much more impressed with everyone and how supportive the teachers that were there are. The Nurse as I have said is wonderful and very knowledgeable. She wrote up and excellent individual health plan that she added DD’s symptoms to and every one of her teachers has a copy. So for right now we are ok. Should things change and everything go major wacky again then we will go for the 504 so that she can have the small extra things that are provided that they aren’t providing. Thank you so much for your support and guidance through all of this.