Section 504... Students must have in school

Hi! I want to let everyone know about Section 504 is out there to protect children with Diabetes and Disabilities… You have to let the school know that you need one for your child… My son, who’s a 8th grader and changing schools… I requested the Section 504 to protect him cause in case he has to have another open heart surgery or other hands surgery… I just found out on a website on Section 504 that It will protect your child that has diabetes… I didn’t know that… Cool! I can’t remember the website… Sorry!

There’s the website…Section 504
Section 504. What is a 504 Plan? … Download a sample 504 plan for a child with diabetes. … Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 … - 12k - Cached

Oh my gosh I wish I had knew this when my oldest was in school. She was born missing her left hand then took diabetes when she was in 5th. The schools worked with me for her but it would have been nice to know there was a law inbehind this fact so I could have used it for her. That is if it exsisted 2 years ago she graduated then. Come to think ofit maybe that’s why the schools didn’t give her or me a hard time about things???

Also There’s a Individual Health Plan for kids that have to take meds or test their Blood Sugars… I forgot about this plan…

I am a teacher and every diabetic child should have a 504 plan. Most people ( and teachers ) don’t know much about type 1. The 504 plan will help educate the teacher how to deal with being diabetic.

Yup … I’m a teacher. 504 is a biggie … it’s the LAW so when those numbers are used with confidence by a parent/guardian there is MUCH compliance!!!

My son’s school says NO to our requests so we have to file complaints with the Dept of Education, or sue. What they think is necessary is not usually adequate.

I had a 504 plan and it was probably the greatest advantage in school. I definitely recommend getting it for your child, or trying to get it. If they refuse to give it to you, you should go to the school’s head of department. I also found it useful to have a meeting with all my teachers before the school year, or at the beginning. It gives them a better understand meant of what’s going on, and they can ask you any questions.

Kelly, does your son go to a public school? Have you been to all the meetings? How large is your district? Do you know the head of the SPED for your district?? What state are you in? This is CRAZY talk from that department. Do you have PROOF of what your child needs? Do you have medical backing?

Si sólo hablas español y quieres leer más sobre la Sección 504 y cómo protege a tus niños con diábetes en edad escolar en el Estado de California, lee esto:

"El 8 de agosto de 2007, el Departamento de Educación de California (CDE) y la Asociación Estadounidense de Diabetes (ADA) anunciaron un acuerdo integral y sin precedentes en la demanda colectiva que en 2005 iniciaron el DREDF y el estudio jurídico Reed Smith LLP. Este acuerdo garantiza que los estudiantes con diabetes estarán seguros en la escuela y tendrán las mismas oportunidades educativas que sus pares.

Si desea obtener más información acerca del Acuerdo y de los documentos que contienen información esencial sobre el Acuerdo para las familias de los niños con diabetes…", visita:

Kelly, regardless of what state you live in the Americans with Disability Act applies to all children with type 1 diabetes at school and they are entitled to protection under both the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the ADA. That is, even if state law disagrees, federal law will prevail.

The trick to getting a 504 Plan for a child with diabetes is that you MUST put a request in writing to the school. Unless the request is in writing you won’t get very far. If the school refuses the written request – or if they have ever refused in the past put it in writing stating your civil rights and this time copy the district superintendent.

I was involved in getting laws change in CA when my own daughter (with type 1) was repeatedly denied a 504 plan and they would not provide even the most basic of care. It was a tough battle but now laws in CA are not only different but will serve as a model all across the country for other states where schools have denied our kids their rights.

I applaud the teachers on this list. What wonderful support and advice! I repeatedly stated in my case and the media that it is not teachers who have refused care and services – it is districts. Many teachers – people who love children as much as we do – are also frustrated when their hands are tied. They lack resources, they are often told that they cannot do something, and sometimes, even their own input about a child’s needs is ingored.

In a nutshell - a 504 Plan lists accommodations required to remove “barriers” to help kids at school - this includes medical care (i.e., testing at school, insulin administration). It identifies who will care for your child in detail and gives you legal remedy if the school does not follow the plan. The school does NOT receive any federal fundings for giving a 504 Plan which is why many do not want to do it.

A Health Plan will not protect you legally. Period. They are helpful but should not substitute for a 504 Plan. The ADA laws cover 504 Plans not health plans.

An IEP (Individualized Education Plan) outlines educational services needed to help a child learn at school. It is not the same as a 504 Plan and should not replace a 504 Plan. Schools may offer this route because they receive federal funds when they give IEPs. You have NO real legal recourse against a school that does not adhere to the IEP and they are not not not not intended to outline diabetes care at school. Not every child with diabetes even needs an IEP but they all need a 504 plan if they take insulin!

You can visit my website, Islets of Hope, for more information about your civil rights under federal and individual state laws as well as what a 504 plan is and how it compares to an IEP.

Hope this helps!

Lahle Wolfe

Yes, I have med documentation. Yes I have been to meetings. Yes I know who is in charge of special ed, and he is good at saying no. I have heard he says let the parents sue us. Of course it is crazy. I have put in in writing, and the superintendent does not care either. My child has an IEP, and they say he cannot have an IEP and a 504, I said that is because you are supposed to put the 504 accomodations in the IEP.

I just wanted to mention that the ChildrenWithDiabetes web site has sample 504 plans for different ages/grades. We’ll be doing one this year. We’ve previously had an IHP but I’d like more teeth with all the different teachers of middle school so we’re going to go with a 504 this year. I just want to make sure that it’s written in there that she can go to the bathroom any time she wants, can get a drink of water when ever, can carry a cell phone, can eat or drink if needed at any time, if she’s low during a test that they accomodate that. She’s such a good kid that wants to please her teachers that they would probably accomodate her anyway, but I just want to make sure. I want something that gives me some confidence that the substitute teacher is going to be at least told of her diabetes.

I’m using the examples on Children with Diabetes to develop my 504 plan.