630G to Omnipod?

I’m currently on a Medtronics 630G and I really hate the tube.
After listening to the JuiceBox Podcast, I’m seriously thinking of going omnipod for the tubeless and not having to disco when bathing and easier sleeping.

I checked with Omnipod and he had a special where I could get a FREE PDM and my insurance covers the pods, so cost is great.

Has anyone gone from a Medtronics to Omnipod?
What did you think?

The only reservation I’m having is with the tubing, there is no way to misplace the pump but with this system there is! It also seems like it is much larger than the pocketable 630G.

Anything else I should be aware of difference wise?

I’ve heard the new OmniPod is more like a cell phone. It doesn’t include a glucometer, which adds bulk, but saves from having to carry two devices. I don’t mind the size of my PDM, but I keep it in my d-bag, which when I leave the house, goes in my purse.

Do you know which PDM they would send you?

Edited to add.


What is the size of the Omnipod DASH™ PDM?
The Omnipod DASH™ PDM has a slim, sleek design with a 4 inch screen and thickness of 1 cm (or .39 inches). The DASH™ PDM is also lightweight, weighing in at 6.17 oz.

If a new customer is interested, what will the process be to obtain the Omnipod DASH™ System?

New customers should get started on the existing Omnipod®System as soon as possible as the same proven benefits of the Pod are available through the existing Omnipod® Insulin Management System. With the Omnipod DASH™ System, the Personal Diabetes Manager is free*** with the purchase of Pods which eliminates the majority of insurance warranty barriers.

You may place an order for the Omnipod DASH™ System now and we will coordinate the shipment at full market release. If you do not wish to order DASH™, we can update your PodderCentral™ account so you can monitor DASH™ coverage based on your insurance plan.



Maybe request the demo kit? See if that helps you decide? Seems no downside.

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When I first got my omnipod system I had to remind myself for about a week that I had to have it with me. Now I put it on the kitchen table everyday when I get up. When I leave the house to go to the store I remember to take it with me. In the house it stays on the table, no kids at home anymore. I have a carrying case with all the extras in it including the PDM. It is insulated and keeps everything cool. If I’m at a pool the case goes in the cooler, all set. It becomes an important part of you. Since I don’t have to release a tube I’m getting the insulin I need 24/7. For me that is ultra important. Hope this helps. One more thing, if you start a bolus, you don’t have to have it right there. Those little computer components take care of it all.

I took them up on the trial offer, tucking away a Medtronic and a Ping back in their boxes. I love the system. I went with, and will stay with the older model because I dont care about the new PDM. The main thing is, I keep a reminder by my car keys so I put things in a case when I leave the house, and I need to remember to bring the PDM downstairs because I get busy during the day and forget to go upstairs and get it. 18 yrs of pumping (this month) and I had just had too many infusion set issues and failures. This has more flexibility. I just wish my HMO paid for pods, because they are charging me $88.50 per month. You have nothing to lose with the trial, you dont have to trade a thing in and you can make a decision in thirty days. I did wear the samples, and ended up knocking them off. I have never knocked off a real pod.

Thanks everyone! I found out that they are running a special where I can get a free pdm and 10 pods so Omnipod is working with my doc on doing that and has sent a pod order (free) to Express Scripts.

I’ve heard some people say that without a skin, some keep it in their pocket. This is what I’m used to with my 630.

I’ve also read the manual 2x and can’t wait!

Any other tips?

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