Got an Omnipod for Christmas!

I’ve started using the Omnipod and I do like it so far. I still have my t:slim as a backup but not being tethered has been so noticeable just in the 24 hours i have been wearing the pod.

The pods do make a clicking sound when then are busy pumping, I wasn’t expecting it to be as noticeable as it is. And the PDM controller sure is bulky! But I know a newer slimmer touchscreen version is just around the corner.

Merry Christmas All.

Enjoy your new pump! It’s always fun to adopt new D-tech.

Enjoy your new pump.i’m looking foward to my cgm.

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Congratulations! May your experience be free of occlusions and pod errors.

Thanks everyone. I still can’t get over how big and bulky the PDM is. It looks and feels like an old cell phone from the 90’s! I know a new one is coming but c’mon Insulet. And with the rubber case (which I like) it is even bulkier. This time of year with coats its not such a big deal, but in the summer it will no way fit in my pockets/jeans.

But the pod itself is awesome so far! Not having to disconnect and reconnect any tubes is great. No dangling tubes. I must have been disconnecting and reconnecting about 20 times a day on my traditional pump.

By the way - if anyone is thinking about the Ominpod definitely order a free demo kit. You will see how small the new pod is. That was the deciding factor for me to at least try it.

Good luck with it! I tried Omnipod over the past summer and, while I liked being “tubeless” and the feeling that I had more site options (arms were less worrisome without tubes!), I had several problems with it. For no reason I could determine, I needed more insulin with this system than I needed with my previous one, and, depending on the site, I found the pod itself a bit heavy and bulky. As for the PDM bulkiness, I managed that by buying a belt pouch for it. After years of carrying older cellphones that way, it wasn’t a big “change” for me. FYI, it’ll easily fit into a pouch that fits an old Palm Treo or an older Blackberry :wink:, but there are several nice pouches designed for the PDM out there.

For me, in the end, I went to back to tubes and to the Animas Vibe. (I’d been an Asante Snap user, so, when orphaned, I had “trade-in” deals from Insulet, Animas and Medtronics to consider. I already use the Dexcom G4. so the Vibe seemed like a good idea to me. My doctor recommended the Omnipod, so I tried it first.) After switching, my insulin usage went back to the previous level - so somehow, for me, I just needed more with the the Pod. ONe thing I did learn from the Pod experience, though, was that I like arm sites, so I’ve learned to use those even with (longer) tubing!

Thanks but I’m not a “device on the belt” kind of guy. The whole point of going tubeless for me was to be less tethered. But wherever you choose to keep your PDM the size is a joke.

Regarding insulin usage I haven’t noticed any change. In fact, my numbers have been a little better since I’m always getting a basal. I used to disconnect for showers and during my workouts. I was able to copy over all my rates and settings from my t:slim with no issues so far.

Good to hear - and I get the wanting to be untethered thing! Ironically, I felt MORE tethered to the Omnipod than I do to the much smaller tubed Vibe. Sure, the tube gets in the way once in a while, but generally, it’s just something that’s there. About the only time I notice much at all is when I go to bed…

I dunno why I used more insulin with the Omnipod - mostly copied the settings from my Snap - though the Snap had much more granular settings than the Omnipod (or Vibe), so I had to do some rounding. Still, I think the angled set somehow changed my insulin absorption, and I needed more for the same way of eating - for me, it’s like 15% difference between pumps. Yet another way that we’re all different, I suppose!

Insulet is working not only on a new PDM but on smartphone connectivity as well. I believe the approval and success of the Dexcom G5 CGM will encourage the company to redouble efforts in that direction. I carry both my PDM and iPhone 5 in my left pants pocket. I’m usually wearing dress pants or khakis, and can carry both comfortably in that pocket. My keys and money clip go on the right side. I would love to be able to ditch the PDM and do everything from the phone.