670 upgrade


Aye, what’d you say? Just kidding. Us Canadians are notorious for saying “Aye”


If someone is calibrating 4x/day on the 670G theyre doing it wrong and could be hurting their own numbers.


I right now am doing fine managing my blood sugars with a mealplan and activity so have not had any reason to look into other options.


That’s only what I read about it. I sure as well don’t want to pay 1300$ for an upgrade from my 630 only to find out that I can’t achieve the results that they claim, and then my 630 will be gone because the trade in is nonrefundable. I guess I should be happy with my progress. My D educator says I am doing well and I should be proud of myself. I get very frustrated that things don’t work out like I would expect.


I doubt anyone from outside of Ontario, or even most Ontarians, would know what ADP is unless they’ve had to get funding for a medical device! I know Americans look at us as crazy for having milk come in bags, but I learned in university that this isn’t a Canadian thing, but only an Eastern Canadian thing, when I met some people from BC who looked as perplexed as American visitors in the dairy aisle.


I guess milk kinda starts in a bag. Still, its odd even on a cow.


Who is saying that? Maybe July 2020, but even that seems like a stretch.


Is the Insulet Omnipod Dash system (FDA approved June 2018) still in limited release or is it full release now? If still in limited release than perhaps the date which @mohe0001 heard about was actually referring to a reasonable full release date for the Omnipod Dash system? Last I read from Insulet was: “We know that our current and future Podders are anxiously awaiting DASH and we are working to deliver a terrific experience for the full market release in early 2019.”

Insulet describes their next system, Horizon, as “automated insulin delivery system”. The Horizon is not yet FDA approved. Insulet has further stated:
“… our HORIZON automated insulin delivery system will be controlled by an app on the user’s own mobile phone.”

Reading further, what is interesting is that Insulet is going to allow Dash to be controlled from a smartphone. Now that is very interesting.

“… Omnipod DASH which was designed as an app on a locked down Android phone…”
" … we now plan to launch Omnipod HORIZON and future generations of Omnipod DASH with personal smartphone control."

“Now with the Breakthrough Device designation and the exciting addition of phone control, we plan to complete a fourth IDE and estimate HORIZON with phone control will be on the market in the second half of 2020.”

IDE = Investigational Device Exemption

“Paramount to our ability to deliver phone control is our commitment to cybersecurity. Just recently Omnipod DASH was the first pump to receive DTSec certification from the Diabetes Technology Society.”

(That goes without saying. That being said, it is nice they said it. lol.)


I really hate the whole cell phone thing. One episode of low blood sugar and that thing is broken beyond repair. I do not want to learn about securing my phone, but I have an extra one that someone gave me and I can assign to only do diabetes stuff. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m hoping its not from a Chinese manufacturer. Things are getting so ugly between us and them. This will be my “play” pump. Ill have the old one on backup (and, maybe for primary use).


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Ok, so let me get this crazy horse race straight…dont you think openOmni will have a good shot once the phone/Dash system is released? That seems like an open door. I feel like its time to start getting ready. Am I jumping the gun?


News that I have read so far is that Samsung phones will be used to control the Omnipod. One would imagine additional devices would be allowed but this may be the best path to get approval in place and then expand to more smartphone devices?



Thats super helpful information. God help me if I need to learn, in depth, about more than one of these horses in the race.