Do you guys think its worth upgrading to 630G?

im trying to figure out if its worth it.
with 670g coming out in less than a year.
why did they come out with this now? how do u all feel about the “family” of products? cant have bluetooth AND waterproof???

Can you live with your current pump for longer? If you’re in the US and need a health insurance benefit to pay for for your pump, you may want to wait to upgrade. If you upgrade to the 630g now then you’ll likely need to wait four years to upgrade again. I don’t know all the particulars but I think the features in the 670g are a big enough of a jump to wait on it.

Have you read this DiabetesMine review published this last week?

Are you using the Medtronic CGM? If so, the pump screen seems small to me to display the BG trace. That’s personal preference, I know.

I wear an Amimas pump now but have used Medtronic pumps for many years. We are on the cusp of a good deal of technical improvements in the next few years. There will be a penalty to getting locked into old tech as things change quickly. I would be asking what the upgrade path would be to the 670g model.

I am passing this time around

The 670G is a “Hybrid Closed Loop” pump. Basal rates are controlled automatically from sensor readings and you apparently don’t need to carb count accurately, You just press the buttons for food or exercise.

I have heard some preliminary reports from trials that it is a huge advance (?game changer?). However, although the planned introduction date is 2017, these dates almost always slip buy at least a year so it is more likely to be 2018 before it appears. Medtronic also need to maintain the improvements in their sensors. When the Enlites came out originally they were nowhere near as reliable as the Dexcom G4. The latest upgrades have made up some of the difference but I still don’t think they have caught up fully with Dexcom.


The 630G is Windows Millennium. It is not quite a closed loop. It’s controlled by a Medtronic CGM. I have a 530G. I switched to Dexcom for my CGM because the Medtronic one was not very accurate. So, do I want a shiny new pump that controls my basal automatically :smile: and poorly :disappointed:. No. But that’s just MY opinion.

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If you don’t mind building your own rig and carrying around another small bit of stuff, you could always look into building your own closed loop system with Open APS. You’d probably be able to do it with your current Medtronic 530G and your Dexcom.

I was not aware that anyone has hacked the 530Gs electronics so that you could control the pump externally.

The OpenAPS website does not list the 530G as compatible with the system. It appears the pump used needs to run an older version of the firmware that didn’t have the added security features the newer firmware has.