Hard work

6 years ago I sat on my front lawn as my wife raked leaves. My wife looked at me in dismay and wonder - why was I slacking? I was in full blown T1, in ketoacidosis, had lost 15% of my body mass, and didn’t know what was happening. Scared and confused were two of my mildest symptoms.

Yesterday I raked the lawn and bagged leaves for 4 hours. Last weekend I did a 100 mile bicycle ride. Two weeks before that I did another 100. I woke this AM and did yoga for the 250th consecutive day. I am not sore. My mind is sharp, clear and unfettered. I'm 52 years old.

I woke with perfect BG levels after a complex dose of Symlin and insulin last night. My CGM showed really good results - some room to tweak the process, but nevertheless, really good.

I spent some time in the hospital yesterday visiting my father-in-law. He suffers from a myriad of illnesses, including mild type 2. He's 82 years old. In his wing, I pictured many older people wishing now that they had begun the fight to stay fit and healthy years ago. It was this case with my father-in-law.

For me, the adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" rings true. Diabetes has made me mentally stronger, physically stronger, and much smarter. I'm a diabetic and I kick ■■■!

Awesome, totally awesome and inspiring post. Good for you!!

We’re all in this together! You’ll be inspiring me as I’m raking & blowing my 45 bags of leaves. I’m 81.

Yah! FTW!!!~!

You have the right attitude! I took on the attitude of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger years ago” it has yet to fail me.

And by the way YOU GO DUDE!!!

This is perfect motivation for me at this moment. I am finally taking control after 16years of high AIC’s. I’m jumping on your bandwagon and kicking ■■■ too!!! :slight_smile:

Very impressive!
While I am about 15 years older than you are, my husband and I hike in the mountains once a week. Friday we were hiking in 20 degrees temps which is invigorating. No one else around but a few deer. I KNOW I am a healthier person because of my diabetes.

dx’d 1962

Wow - I mean this in ALL honesty - I want to be like you!

My diagnosis eight years ago helped change me from a pack-a-day, donut-munching couch potato to a smoke free, healthy eating marathoner. So I kind of know what you’re talking about.

Let’s not get too smug about the old and the infirm, though. Even the strongest of us can be struck down.

Good on you, though. Keep raking and keep riding.


Keep up with the good work, Joe U R inspiring!!!

God Bless,