7-day trial with Dexcom Seven Plus halted due to sensor error

I started a 7-day trial with Dexcom 7+ last week, and it was halted on the 3rd day because of sensor error.

The first 2 days were fine, although on the 2nd day I began to experience occasional pain at the insertion site. Other than that, I was excited to learn about how my glucose fluctuated.

On the 3rd day morning, I was woken up with a reading of 140, so I gave myself a finger stick, which showed only 70. On that day, I experienced more pain at the insertion site. At night, I received an "Sensor Error #1". Technical Support told me to feed a reading of finger stick an hour later. I did that, and receiver resumed functioning.

After a couple of hours, the receiver showed the same error again. I waited an hour and fed another reading, but this time it didn't clear the error. I went to bed and the next morning I still couldn't clear the error by feeding it new readings. Called Technical Support and they said the sensor failed and needed to be pulled out.

I'm disappointed my trial only lasted 3 days. Since I'm supposed to have a 7-day trial, will my hospital give me another sensor?

As for my sensor problem, what do you think what the real cause is?

I'm a very skinny person. Around my tummy, I do have a piece of lipoma. Can I use that as insertion site?

I have the medtronic CGM, but have an idea or two. When I have a sensor that has a lot of swelling aroung it (hurts) I often get worse data. The swelling can lead to odd reading like you describe. Recalibrating when the sensor is way off may case an error, but usually leads to much better accuracy. I think you just got unlucky with the location of the sensor. Try again (maybe your arm or leg if allowed) and cross your fingers.

Is the trial through your Dr’s office? The failed sensor should be documented by the phone call and the sensors are guaranteed for at least 6 days so Dexcom should replace the sensor. I would call whoever arranged the trial to see what they want you to do. They may also need to call Dexcom and reference them to your calls over the weekend in order to eventually get a replacement sensor.

Thank you so much for your answer.

Yes, I got it through doctor's office. Now I'm glad to know I can try again.

Perhaps really skinny people have more problems with CGM?

The exact same thing happened to me with a trial of the old Seven system. In my case, the tape wasn't holding it down securely enough and the sensor got bent as it wiggled. If you still have it, take a look to see whether it is bent.