770 automode

Would shortening the AIT in automode increase my correction bolus?

I don’t believe so Dee. If it works the same way the 670 does (I just got my 770 upgrade yesterday) decreasing AIT makes the pump as a aggressive as it can be made in automode. If I understand it right, the microbolus frequency will increase sooner when you lower the AIT.

When I began on the 670g, the AIT was set at 4 per my trainer’s instruction. Once I went high, it took seemingly forever to get back in range. Lowering the AIT setting to 2 made a HUGE difference in bringing me back down.

The only way I’ve found to get a bigger correction is to drop out of automode long enough to bolus, and then go back into automode once the bolus has been delivered. It works, but it’s a pain.

Last night I corrected 3x within three hours. AM was trying to lower it. I could tell by all the pink dots. Before lunch when I bolussed for food my bs wasn’t going down. That would explain my high bs through the night. I suspected it to be my site. My breakfast bolus seemed to work. Maybe because it is a greater amount of insulin as opposed to basal Would that make sense? Next time I will change the site when I get a reading that high especially in the night with AM.

AIT gives AM permission to be more aggressive in bringing down a high, so yes, basically. My memory from when I was using the 670 was that it wasn’t the frequency but the size of the microboluses that was increased, based on the idea that the effect curve of each one was shorter—you’re basically telling the pump to let them overlap more by fooling it into thinking they’re not overlapping much or at all. In the old algorithm it was about the only thing you could do to make the correction process more aggressive. Even if for me anyway it wasn’t enough.

I am still dropping through the night. I am counting my carbs accurate before supper and I don’t eat anything afterwards. I can go to bed at 10pm with an 7.9mmol/142mg/dcl and the autobasal kicks in and I had dropped to 4.4 at 12am. It doesn’t matter if I drink juice in order to fix a low because the AB kicks in again and brings me below 5.0mmol. So far since being on AM I have been woken up every night for a low bs. I am going to try a temp target tonight at 9pm for about 7hrs as I usually rise at about 4 am. I also decreased my AIT 2.15h making my microbasal more aggressive. I think it wants to use the microbasal in order to lower bs as the system keeps you above target for a bit longer in order to avoid lows. This system has so far been a dissappointment. I have only been on AM for 5 days. I have read that it takes time so I am hopeful I can figure things out.

What does your basal rate look like Dee? I had that same problem when I first started the 670G. If your basal pattern isn’t split up to different delivery rates, you might try that (with your Dr’s approval of course). I was dropping into the low 80s the early morning hours the first week or two. Currently, my basal patter is split up to give me a little less basal in the late evening and early mornings. I eat dinner around 6pm, and have a snack (or two :smiley: ) around 8pm on my workout days. Lowering that late evening basal eliminated the lows.

Initially my basal was setup to deliver 1.30U/hr 24/7.

I look like this presently:
00:00 - 03:00: 1.10U/hr
03:00 - 06:00: 1.30U/hr (keeps me from waking up high)
06:00 - 16:00: 1.25U/hr
16:00 - 20:00: 1.30U/hr
20:00 - 24:00: 1.20U/hr

Once I got the basal patterns tweaked on the 670G though, I’ve maintained a consistent 6.1 A1C for the last four years and NO overnight lows.

My AIT remains at 2.0. Prior to making that change, and even after the pattern changes, I would tend to go high (230s) and the pump would take FOREVER to bring me back down.

I started my 770G yesterday, so I won’t be on AUTO for a few days yet.

It might be a little too soon to expect perfection. I am on the 770 and they say it can take about 2-3 weeks for the algorithm to learn you.

I had a test run on this pump, I had used Medtronic for 15 years.
I could not get the sensors to work right. But maybe it’s just me. I couldn’t get the older ones to work either.
So I never got the algorithm working.
It took me a month to get my tandem working right though.
Making corrections to settings and trying things out etc.

I finally decided to go w tandem. I think the Medtronic pumps are the best built out there. If I had luck with the cgm, I would still be using them.

I started out on a 630g and I tried the enlit sensors. I did’nt like them. They were not accurate. I find the guardian 3 sensors to be very close to a g6 as I am wearing both. I tried tandem but their lowest basal was too high for me. I needed rates as .025 and .075. Medtron’s the only pump with rates that small. I am starting to see some flat lines in my 770 data already. My control will just get better the longer I use it.

That’s crazy small. 0.025 per hour, That’s only .6 units in 24 hours.
I don’t think I would bother with a pump if my rates were less than a unit per day.

I love the pump as it really helps me manage better. So farI am happy the 770. It will just get better as it learns me.Very exciting!