770 insulin pump automode

I was using automode on my 770 for 4 days and so far it hasn’t been very good. I am very sensitive especially through the night. I calibrate before bed count carbs accurately and have been doing everything by the books. I wanted to get a good night’s sleep last night so I turned AM off as my sensor was reading inaccurately. It was reading less than 2.2mmol when in reality it was 6.3mmol. Can people who have and high sensitivity not use AM? I would really like for this to work! Please help me!:worried:

You can set the sensitivity. Set it higher to get less insulin.
I found the sensors were the issue for me.
I switched to tandem and dexcom and I have had better luck.
It took a long time to get my settings right tho

I am on the 770 in automode and you can only adjust carb ratio and AIT. I have on been on AM for 6 days started on Tues.21. I guess I have to try to be patient and just do everything by the books. They say it can take about 2-3weeks for it to learn your system. I am wearing a g6 and the guardian3 sensor. They have been pretty accurate imo. Almost spot on with dexcom.