High sensitivity & automode

Since the beginning of June when the warmer temperatures came I have not been able to keep my bloodsugars up. I am on the 770 using automode. I have done a temp target only to be brought back down again. I am getting really frustrated with having to drink and eat constantly. I have decreased my carb ratios. I am very sensitive in the warmth. When it was cooler I was doing okay. What do I need to do? Help!

Did you have similar change after warmer temps with old pump, before you upgraded to new pump with auto mode ?

My understanding is that auto mode tries to “learn” you, so may need time for it to catch up.

Have you contacted Medtronic for help ?

I have a similar issue when it’s warm, my insulin sensitivity is higher. Same thing happens with a hot shower, my glucose can drop 50 mg/dL in just a few min.

I have a second set of settings on my pump for summer days esp if I’m going to be outside a lot. I just switch it over.

I’ll use about 25% less insulin.

I always needed to reduce my basal rates when the summer heat comes on my 630. I started automode on the 20th April so this would be my first summer in automode. I got frustrated and turned AM offandwent back to manual mode. I can’t be eating food and drinking anymore orange juice. There has to be another way. I haven’t reached out to medtronic.
What would they be able to do for me? AM worked great in the cooler temps.

So wouldn’t you make similar adjustments to auto mode pump? Or I have heard the auto mode “learns” you, so needs more time.
Maybe Medtronic support could answer how to do that with seasonal changes.

Maybe @Rphil2 has ideas.

While the first week of hot weather might make you feel like you going low, the pump should auto adjust once it learns the new pattern.

I keep a set of basal setting in my pump so if i have to manual mode i have the setting profile i want. I keep five profiles in my pump.


Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

I can’t make adjustments in basal insulin as automode controls all of that. The only settings I can control are AIT and carb ratio. I am going to try telling the pump that I am eating less than I really am. For example if my meal is 50c I will tell it 42 or something like that.

Dee, I think I would talk to your doctor or CDE about raising you carb ratio. Instead of for instance 1 for 10 made try 1 for 12 which is 20% less insulin for meal time bolus. One other thing you might try it pushing your sensitivity out by a little. I am currently running 4 hours, but i have been as low as 2 3/4 hours and as high as 5 hours. I do think that many trainers will start people at 3 1/2 hours.


Yeah, I have done that already. I have been running temp targets too. It is tricky though as you have to start it at least 2 hours prior. It runs me at little high but I remind myself that I won’t have to eat carbs when I don’t want any.