8.4 to 5.9 in 3 months!

My endo nurse practitioner walked into the exam room this am and literally jumped up and down… my A1C dropped from 8.4 to 5.9 since February. I jumped with her LOL. She said she had some changes noted for my pump settings, but tore it up and said just keep doing what you’re doing. We talked low carb a bit (I aim for 40 a day). She expressed some concern about me getting enough nutrients, which I was able to allay. My cholesterol #s have also improved, though not yet where I’d like them despite the d*$%ed lipitor.

She agreed that I’m probably LADA, not T2, ordered a c-pep for my next labs. I suppose as long as I’m being given the tools to manage my D properly it doesn’t matter, but still…

Oh, and I dropped off a bunch of TuD brochures which she seemed pretty excited about :wink:

Doing the happy dance!!!

Wow congrats on the improvement. Regardless of the method you decide to control DM with this type of improvement is not easy! I am glad the NP would at least listen to your explanations of LC and seemed to be accepting. Hard not to with those results!

Congratulations! I’m impressed. When you get those basals right, life is good.

Congrats on your terrific results !!! I guess your NP realized “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Keep up the good work.

Dancing with you!!!

Thanks guys, I’m still dancing. This was including the 2 wks of steroids when my mean BG went from 99 to 118 and SD from 24 to 39.

Alan, thanks for the reminder, just updated my page :wink:

Forgot to add… she gave me an accu-chek kit with meter and multiclix. Can’t believe that the multiclix got blood at it’s 1/2 way depth setting with no pain! I’ll be switching from delica my next rx.

That’s IMPRESSIVE work!