My Last Check up

I saw my endo last month. I had some success. My cholesterol went from 245 to 167 by taking Red Yeast Rice twice a day. I lost 10 lbs and am almost back in the normal range (haha). And my blood pressure was 140/80 which was better than the 155/86 from the last visit. Success, I said. Not so fast there! My A1c, which hangs between 6.5 to 6.8 had jumped to 7.4. I noticed on my diagnosis slip she put Diabetes, uncontrolled.

So that's me. Fix one thing, mess up another. Of course I'm working on my BGs again but I feel kinda blue right now.

Keep your chin up, Kathyann! You made great progress on several fronts, and your A1C is usually superb! You'll get it back down there :)

What did the doctor suggest you do differently to make adjustments to your A1C? Or did they suggest anything? If they didn't, I would definitely blame them for "messing up" at least as much as myself. We are happy to help if they didn't! I had some similar problems when I started working out a lot and working to lose weight but I was seeing a GP who sort of allowed me to do whatever I wanted. At that point, I decided I needed a pump and, while looking around for stuff about that, found the DOC!

A win is a win Kathyann and lowering C is definately a win. You already know how to manage good A1c's and I'm sure you can do it again. May be you took you eye off the ball a little bit while taming the C now it's time to bring it all together and prove a thing or two to the doctor.


Ditto stemwinder

Thanks for all the positive comments! My dad is in the hospital with pneumonia and some heart failure so I haven't been able to check in with my Diabetes friends. And my endo suggested changing my dinner ratio to 1 unit per 10 for dinner and leaving it at 1 unit per 15 for the other meals. Instead of doing that I cut back on my carbs and I'm getting better numbers. But then again I'm not a compliant patient if I don't like what she tells me.