8 flights of stairs equals 30 points off your BG

It’s true, I’ve been testing it for 3 weeks now and consistently 8 flights brings me down 30 points. Plus the old pulse gets a going too. Oh and that’s walking down 8 flights then going back up.

45 minute walk or 20 minute bike ride will do the same for me.

I find 45m on the treadmill will lower my BG only if it’s high (7.0/125). If it’s in the 5.0 - 5.5 range it seems to raise my level to 6.0 or so. I guess I’m just weird.

I walk up 5 flights of stairs to my job. it lowers me about 30-40 points. it gives me a small cardio workout.
the treadmill does drop me 10-20 points when I get on it.

really… that is amazing. exercise for me is very important… I am going to strart taking the stairs! LOL

That is some good advice, David!