Exercise ideas to lower BG


Hi. I use an elliptical machine or stationary bike after meals to lower my bg. It works fast down 100 after 30 min or less This is fine when I’m home and have the time. Does anyone have favorite quick acting, effective exercises that can be done, say in a hotel room, at a meeting where machines or walking and sweating(!) arent an option! Thanks.


When it’s too late or too cold to go out, I set the stopwatch on my phone and go up-and down the stairs for at least 5 minutes. More fun is to put on some music and dance!


Good ideas! Wish I could remember the dances we did in aerobics class 30 yrs ago!!

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I live a few minutes away from mountain hiking trails, and a steep hike will lower my bg like nothing other. I have to eat constantly or else I’m on the ground, eating dirt at 40.


May not be something that works for everyone, but I find strength activities such as pushups, crunches and situps really work maybe not as an immediate lower on my blood sugar but to keep them more stable over the next 24-48 hours.

Certainly something you could do in a hotel room at least!


Thanks. @Donman90 Strength exercises are not my favorite thing and Ive been avoiding them. They are definitely portable and if they work, I guess I’ll give it a try :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for letting me know!!

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Rent pumping Iron with Arnold. Then stay off the pump.

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I live in an apartment and my
sister ordered me Sunny magnetic exercise bike from Amazon. It’s about 17 inches high and doesn’t take up much space.

I take my straight back chair from kitchen and drag it into living room next to tv. There are different resistance levels and just advanced to level 5. Most days I ride an hour in late morning and half hour at night.

Greatly reducing my carbs and dropped 10 lbs; 4 more to go!


Jump rope, if you’re up for it.

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Love the idea of jump rope, actually have one, just not really good at it, but I try.


My latest concept is a gay male Race walking team San Francisco If you want to join.
I have a qualified coach, really I do. )

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Because I am a practitioner of them and love them (and not knowing anything about how they play on the BG at all), I would recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. :slight_smile: Both are great cardiovascular workouts that teach real world skills (for real world self defense) and keep you looking and feeling great (except for the occasional black eye, bruised body part, extended joint, etc., etc.,)

Strongly recommend both of these things. :slight_smile:

When my 2 year old is 4 or 5, I’ll have him on the mats training with myself and my other sons and we’ll see for ourselves what it does to the BG.

And as far as doing them in hotel rooms – yes, both can be done. DVD’s, YouTube training videos, etc., exist for training techniques (with someone else, or alone or with a training dummy) and what they coll “ghost sparring” if training Muay Thai techniques. Both will make you sweat and keep you in shape if done correctly, and regularly.

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If you practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then you absolutely must watch the episodes of Bob’s Burgers with the guy who teaches Capoeira in them!

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If I were gay (I’m primarily hetero) and male (I do not have a Y chromosome) and still lived in the best city on earth (San Francisco), I’d join you in a heartbeat! :smiley:

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With jump rope it’s practice makes perfect - or somewhere closer to it.


Most hotels have pools or equipment. You can also download a walking program from You a Tube. Nancy

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I have to admit that I’ve always found just plain walking to be the most effective and easy way to lower my BGs. Using my bg meter I can record regular drops in blood glucose readings for every time I walk around the block, around a park, or just up and down a street.
If I happen to be somewhere where it just is not safe to be on the street, like in downtown Washington DC after dark, I will revert to stairwalking in whatever building I am in.
My plan C if there are no stairs available is to use a sofa or chair and step up on and back down on the floor, repeatedly, taking breaks when it gets too strenuous, for about 30 minutes. All of the above have worked fine in lowering my post meal blood sugars.
However, the sooner I start walking after eating, the better the results.


Hi Gracie9
I do push-ups. Also if not too early after meal I do some balancing on the tummy. I rrally have impression this stimulated my own pancreas to produce some insulin (even though I am type 1).


Hi @Tara16. What is balancing on the tummy? That’s a new one for me. Sounds like fun!


The glutes are the largest muscles in your body, and a great way to activate them at home w/o any equipment is by doing squats.The effect is faster metabolism and so faster-working insulin.
When my BG are sky-high, I tend to do 3x30 squats (with 2-3-5 mins breaks) and check my sugars again. You build the glutes and your lower back as an added bonus.
On a side note - do not do high-cardio, like sprinting - this has the opposite effect of raising your BG short-term.

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