9 units - WTW?!?

I injected 23 IU of Lantus this morning in one site (I do two sites of 23 each) and held the needle in for ten seconds, pulled it half-way out and held it there for another ten seconds, pulled out the needle and then...watched a HUGE bead of almost-clear (very slightly tinged with blood) Lantus come right back out again.

I put on my scientist hat and drew the bubble into an empty syringe to measure it: NINE units. Almost half the dose.

======> WTW?

Sometimes I go days without a “pop out” and then this. I think my technique is about the same each time. I try to move my sites around every, single time.

Oh well, I injected eight clean units at a third site and shrugged my shoulders.

Diabetes is…weird.

Wow, 9 units, and one has to wonder if some of that is blood and something else beside insulin.

I guess you will know if your Bs is low…

I know how sites can act up, I get a tad of a drop always when I inject in my tummy. I guess I should Suck it back up and see how much it really is.

Ooh, I’ve had a couple pop-outs over the years. It happened with larger doses and when I was extensively re-using syringes, in particular. I think it’s like trying to fill up a water balloon. And you and me are the water balloons :-). i.e. start putting liquid in, but the more you put in the more the balloon is gonna push back.

I still occasionally get some coming back out, after removing the syringe. I think it depends somewhat on injection technique.