Bleeding injection site

just wondering, when an injection bleeds, does insulin leak out with the blood? I did 18u lantus and half way through the plunger got hard to push, had to fidget with the syringe to get it all in without forcing the plunger. Waited 10 seconds, removed and it bled quite a bit. This was in a fatty area of my abdomen.

when i was younger (on nph) i could smell the blood (gross...but hey) and detect insulin. Im relatively new to lantus so not sure if it has that classic insulin smell.

just kind of on my mind before i go to bed. I HATE waking up high. ruins an entire morning.


I have had that happen but was not that precise with shots. it could be insulin, probably not a whole lot but the shot might also deploy a bit more slowly? Tough to say. Maybe keep an eye on it? Oh wait...we do that anyway?

Once when I keeled over from a hypo and had an IV and all that, I was walking home from the ER (we lived close to the hospital...) and blood leaked all over my sleeve and smelled like steak when I rinsed it out. It turned me off meat for a while.

I had that happen today. I did hold a dry cotton swab on it for a minute and it stopped. I'll probably have a bruise in the morning. There may be a minimal amount of Insulin that flowed out with the blood when you nicked a blood vessel. This small amount should not effect your blood sugar control. Lots of Folks have DP in the mornings which causes high blood sugars.

Had you considered splitting your Latus dose, as half in the morning and the other half about 12 hours later or similar percentages? It works Better for many and usually smaller amounts of Insulin hurts less and results in less liquid flowing out.

Hate when I get a gusher. You prob did lose some insulin. Just check 2 hrs later to be sure.

I went for bloodwork once and had a bleed. Doctor will not draw blood (he does NOW for me) and makes you go upstairs to a totally incompetant lab. The draw the blood, I leave and suddenly blood is dripping off my fingertips like a vampire movie. Turned right around and walked into the front door of the doc who sent me there, He does all the blood draws for me now :).

I used to often smell insulin when I had a bleeder--even a slight one, but never saw a lot of difference in effect. How did it go?

If you smelled it, you lost insulin.
When I do 14 units, I split the sites I put it in. Yep, plunge once. Pull out. Put somewhere else. Not so much pressure that it'll spurt out when it hits a vein. Of course, it still discolors tissue.