A bagel ruined my perfect day

I think I’ve figured out my pump issues and for a day at least it’s been good. I lowered my sensitivity
Today I thought let’s eat a bagel and it killed my 100 percent in range day.


I hope at least you enjoyed the bagel. Your graph still looks pretty darn too good to me!!


Thanks however I was trying for 100 percent day. In range. But I’m much happier than when I first started this new tandem pump it took a long time to work out bugs. I think I’m 90 percent there

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I can do a half-bagel pretty succesfully especially if there’s some cheese/meat/peanut butter on it.

A whole bagel is way way harder to do and stay steady. Nigh impossible. I will do a whole bagel maybe once or twice a year but haven’t done one yet this year.

The other “once a year only” that I haven’t done yet this year, is a Starbucks Frapucinno. In past years I was able to squeeze in one Frapucinno on a super hot summer day when I’m already going low and then have to chase it with endless quantities of insulin. But I haven’t been in a Starbucks in 6+ months.


Glad it worked for you, i’ll give it a try.


Famous last words…lol


Spot on!

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or a Philly soft pretzel

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Mmmm, bagel…loaded poppy seeds, garlic, onion, sesame seeds toasted with garlic powder or some pomegranate jelly. Mmmm or one side with each.

That might be what I’m having today, I haven’t eaten yet and it sounds good!

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