So I totally messed up this morning, in my fog I took 14 units of humalog instead of 14 units of Lantus. On the positive side, my I:C for breakfast is 1:5 so at least I shouldn't have to gorge myself to correct. I've always noticed bagels do a number on my bs, so I ate a whole one for breakfast. I'll be vigilant during the day, but hopefully the bagel, and maybe some M&M's will do the trick.

Be careful, Clare. That would mean 70 units, and bagels, while blood sugar injuring aren't that many! I also recommend using glucose tabs instead of (or in addition to food) if you start to go low; they act a lot more quickly and precisely.

Though I see by the time that four hours have passed. How are you doing?

Thanks Zoe, the bagel while low technically in carbs, is just one of those things that triggers highs for me, so I wish I had a Panera, asiago cheese bagel in my house this morning cos I would have enjoyed that, but instead I had to settle for a frozen onion bagel which was ok. It definitely did the trick though with a bit of help from some cherries I managed to not go below 79 and hopefully by now it has completely worked its' way through my system. I have glucose tabs but to be honest I would rather eat 2 fresh red cherries for my 4 grams of carbs than the chalky glucose tabs regardless of how quickly they act.

Good, Clare, I'm glad you're ok! I've pretty much adjusted to my new way of eating, but bagels are one of the things I truly miss. I've never been to Panera, but asiago cheese bagels are wonderful. And yep, I found bagels to be "more than the sum of their parts" carb/blood sugar wise!

I have a ditzy side to me and was always afraid of doing that (I've caught myself with the wrong pen in my hand). The worst would be if it had happened before bedtime and you didn't realize it!

Sounds like you came through your oops well!

Yes Jackie, bagels for me spike my blood sugars tremendously, but other fairly dense carb foods do not. I have never understood it either and I doubt even the most savvy dietician would be able to give a decent explanation, but knowing the trigger foods makes avoiding them, or conversly, using them to correct a lapse in brain power, much easier.