A bit gross - but toenail fungus?

I usually wear toe nail polish. The last time I removed it, I noticed my toenails looked brittle and my big toes have white streaks about a third of the way from the tips. I didn’t know what it was, but it might be a fungus. No idea how I got it. I don’t shower at the gym, I haven’t worn sandals in a couple of months. I did trip twice and drag my big toes against stairs and the ground over the last 8 weeks or so. My kids swim on a team though, so I spend a lot of time on the pool deck…and I wore sandals or flip flops until it was cold.

My concern is that it’s Christmas and we are leaving on vacation on 12/27 to go to the beach in FL. Do I really need to call my endo today? Or is it fine to wait until I get back? I have an endo appointment on 01/09. And what will they do anyway? Refer me to a pediatrist?

Anyone have experience?

Have you noticed any change in your fingernails? Before my doctor diagnosed my thyroid issues, my nails got super ugly and weak.

No issues with my fingernails, just my toes. But they aren’t yellow and thick, just weak and look sort of like nails after removing acrylic…if you were to wear acrylic on your toes. :laughing:

I had a compete lab panel in Oct. and my thyroid seems to be in the normal range, though on the low side.

I got nail fungus on my big toe nail after wearing polish all summer. I rarely wear polish on my toes but one summer I did.

I saw my regular primary care doctor who put me on the lamisil tablet for three months. It completely fixed it. I had no problems with it whatsoever. This was all about six years ago. I haven’t been bothered by it since. I also haven’t worn polish on my toes since then either. Your nails need to be able to breath.

If it ever came back I would do the Lamisil pill without hesitation. It works!!

A friend of mine noticed something similar with her toes after wearing polish for a long time. She isn’t diabetic so saw her dermatologist. It is a condition that was caused by wearing the acrylic toe nail polish all the time. The cure was to stop wearing polish while the nails grew in healthy tissue. It wasn’t fungal but a physical reaction to the constant use of polish. This may also be something to consider.

I wouldn’t worry. Even if it is fungus, you will survive for many, many years with untreated toenail fungus. You should see the stuff that goes around our ski community.

You don’t sound like you have fungus. Diabetics are more prone to it. Of course! White streaks are typically caused by an injury. Lamisil DOES work great. Enjoy your vacation and ask your endo when you return.

Yeah it’s gross. Problem with the lamisil or lotrimin is you have to put it on all the time or it just comes back. There are ways to reduce the growth , like wearing shower shoes, keeping nails trim…

You take the Lamisil in pill form internally. It works from the inside to kill the fungus. I took it about six years ago. It worked to clear up toe nail fungus for me. It has never returned. Topical applications do not work because they never reach the root of the problem.

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