A bit to do about nothing

My blood sugars are high again 22.5 along way a way from the 7 and below I need since being prescribed metformin my sugars have been high not really helping the situation by noshing cadburys giant buttons Jimbobs back is healing had a severe attack of fleas, which caused irritation to her back took her to the local vets who gave her anti biotics something for the itching and I gave her flea treatment also did the flea treatment on Brian and Brieni all seem to getting better it cost us £100 at the vets we starved for a week but it was worth it, only joking but if you take on looking after cats thats what you have to do.
Whie in America I did not suffer any sweating periods but since being back the sweat pours out of me, our daughter made us eat healthy foods during our stay and introduced us to coconut oil in the form of a paste which sorted out my cuts and really helped with my itchy scalp sorry if you are eating no decorum at all in my chest of man skills or lack of them Angel playing some game on her phone, Jimbob pretending to be asleep by my feet waiting for me to go to bed, Brieni and Brian sleeping downstairs Brieni on settee and Brian on the table, I suppose being a male cat he likes to think he is king of the house tell thart to Jimbob who chases him around sometimes, miss Smudge and Ben not a nice thing to have your pet put to sleep we had some great times together with Smudge and Benny.
10.38 pm dark windy and raining can hear the rain singing as it drops on to the window sill outside,winter is on its way our clocks go back an hour the end of October Halloween then Bonfire night and shorty after Christmas lots of shops call it the festive season so not as to offend Muslims and others sad to see my country slowly going down the drain where has this green and pleasant land gone with church bells ringing out to proclaim our faith.
Enough of feeling down one day the cross will rise and all will be well

keep up your happy thoughts. life is lonely for you. i feel your pain. i’ve been living alone in Japan for the past 13 years. i’m 36 feeling ‘old as a dying rose in embers.’-sweet surrender, erasure. last year i had Melas stroke, a deep dark depression, became type undefined diabetic (i’m on insulin long lasting lantus and novorapid.), and hearing aids.