In the bump of the night

3.45am,on a Monday morning woke up by Jimbob some 2 hours ago nugging my nose you never get use to waking up with a cat full in your face hello jimbob I say what do you want this time in a morning she gives a little squeek not a meooow like the other two cats Brieni and Brian ok come on jim lets go and see what the other two cat`s are doing, half asleep half awake not a good thing to be when clambering down two flights of stairs almost in the dark trying to avoid falling over the cat who intends to stick to me like glue.
Putting the living room light on wakes the other two cats who scramble to be the first into the kitchen and the cat food cabinet when I get in there all three cat`s are singing as loud as they can well it seems like singing to me still trying to fully wake up,after giving each cat the food they like they wonder off to clean themselves soon after Brieni decides she wants to go outside so foolishly I open the patio door to be greeted by the wind which nearly knocks me over which is accompanied by thrashing rain so there I am standing soaking wet and Brieni changes her mind and runs under the table licking the drops of rain which splatted on her closing the door I turn around to see all three cats looking at me as if to say idiot well that`s my kinda life, no idea where the commer is on this keyboard(logitech).
My blood sugars have been very high so I am concerned about that, our son has cut all ties his mom and I so we cannot see him his partner of 22 years and our three grand children all in all another bad period leading to Christmas.
we managed to get the drains/sewer sorted by our water supplier,tonight we finished putting new stair carpet down where one of the cat`s soiled it our electrics are bad fuses keep blowing tried to get an electrician no luck yet,Angel is sleeping in fact I am the only fool awake at this time,had my flu jab over the weekend need to check my blood sugars see ya all soon twiddle.
Happy Birthday Jacob sorry we could not come and see you on your Birthday love Nanny grandpa x

So sorry you got woken up by briefing stay well & enjoy the day


My ipad does not know how to spell