Moon over the SHIRE,,

As November rolls out the change in the weather is noticeable chilly nights constant rain looks like snow is not far away,Christmas for me and Angel are quiet affairs all our kids have grown up and some have families of there own and like to spend Christmas at home and that is how it should be I suppose while shopping today we purchased a Tree to decorate the cat`s have taken to it giving it a good inspection hope to have a photo of it soon.
Full Moon to while away the midnight hours but due to the rain the sky is some what cloudy cannot wait until the Shire has a blanket of snow, robins and all that magical feelings that go with Christmas,my blood sugars have been very high but I have been ill for several weeks in fact since we came back from America not been out much find it all a bit strees full lots of headaches but plodding on best I can, metformin has not helped much in reducing blood sugars maybe it takes time to get the full benefit from the drug,all the cat`s are sleeping so is Angel the house is very still and almost silent if only walls could talk.
When you feel under the weather health wise lack of concentration and tiredness flood your mind and body,praying our son will return to the fold no fated calf to serve up only open arms full of love,painful seeing Angel missing her son and family but I suppose it will sort it self out eventually.

sorry your blood sugars are high but nice to hear from you always
hope winter is not too harsh for you i am not looking forward to bad & cold weather
be well & let us hear from you soon again

Even though I'm so sorry about your sadness, I like to read your blog. Maybe it's because of the way you know about how to live with cats. Maybe it's your descriptions. I don't know. But listening to your honesty helps me somehow. Thanks for your writing. I'm thinking about you and Angel during this season.