A Blessed Curse

I was touched by this award-winning artwork from the Spring fling: Utah County Art Gallery. Check it out on the Daily Herald’s article about it.

Here’s a snippet of the description:

And the first-place prize was snatched by Michael Soelberg for his oil work “A Blessed Curse.”

“One of the jurors described it as a modern renaissance piece,” White said of Soelberg’s painting. "You look at it and say, ‘What does this mean?’ I would have never guessed."

Most wouldn’t. But “A Blessed Curse,” a man’s profile covering half of a woman’s forward-looking face, does have meaning for Soelberg.

“It’s a painting about diabetes, and specifically about my dad’s diabetes and the way that that has formed a relationship for my parents other than simply being husband and wife,” Soelberg said. "Their concept of unity and co-dependency is far different than the average couple, because his life depends on her. This so-called ‘curse’ has actually been a blessing because it’s allowed them to know and depend on one another in ways they otherwise wouldn’t have."

Of winning the award, Soelberg said he was “pleasantly shocked.” “I have entered the show before, so it was a great privilege and honor for me to take the title this year.”

What do you think of it?