A Covid Christmas Dream

A Covid Christmas Dream

In my dream it is Christmas and the virus still rages

It’s the most subdued Christmas season we’ve seen in ages

We would love to see our family and hold them in our arms

We forgo these precious moments so not to spread virus harms

But Christmas is about love that cannot be denied

With all that has happened the love and magic has survived

That night as I slept my mind did take flight

A vision so crystal clear did come to me that night

My dream began tortured, Santa’s not coming this year

He fears his journey will spread virus far and near

Then Santa appeared and put my mind at ease

He said I am made of magic, not subject to mere mortal disease.

I am made of the love of those that truly believe in good

That I cannot harm needs to be understood.

I said, “Thank You Dear Santa, for setting my mind right.”

He said, “No problem my child,” as he faded into the night,

Merry Christmas to you and a peaceful goodnight.


Oh man, Gary. There are some darkly comical lines in here.
I’m liking all your guys’ artistic output lately.
This one made me laugh out loud…

Really, really good. Innovative.

That was great Thanks!