D Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

I had just settled down and was so soundly sleeping
When all of the sudden my CGM started beeping

I arose from my slumber and looked at the screen
With down pointing arrows I am low it does seem

As I sat in the kitchen treating my low
I can't help but notice the beauty of the new fallen snow.

With BG recovered I head back to my bed
When I come across a gentleman all dressed in red

Forgive Dear Santa I'm not here to spy
Diabetes required attention I hope you understand why

I know you my child and I know of your burden
There was a tear in his eye of this I am certain

I remember your wishes from so long ago
That I can not fulfill them still troubles me so

To change you this night is not within my power
If my magic could cure I would do so this hour

Thank you Dear Santa, I know you must take flight
With so many children to visit this night

With this he did exit my humble home
Off into the night in his sleigh he did roam

I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight


This is awesome! Great job Gary!

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Gary, my story is a little different. We hung up our stockings by the fireplace yesterday, a day early. Last night I heard some tip-toeing on the roof, clickety-click, and then the dogs set up quite a clatter in the kitchen. Barking, yipping, howling... This morning I checked the stockings, and there was a potato in each, even the dogs'!

The backstory: When I was a little girl, my Grandpa used to threaten me with putting a potato in my stocking if I wasn't good, and he did it! So, Grandpa must have told the "gentleman in red" to give us potatoes this year! Tonight, by golly, we'll have potatoes for dinner...

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just beautiful, gary


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Gary you are Tud,s honorary poet

oh this is soooo good Gary!!! Merry Christmas to u

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Bravo Gary!

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Please forgive me for a little bit of self promotion. I wrote this last year and want to show it off again this year


this is a beautiful, moving adaptation.

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beautifully put. please post this poem every year at christmas time. it is worthy of becoming a tudiabetes tradition.

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this is a great line-diabetes does not have to stand in the way of finding happiness. i could go on and on about why this is such a lovely poem, but i will put down my english major hat for now :smile:

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Standing ovation!

But Gary—this is marvelous. Thank you, and Bravo!

ok, i can’t resist putting on my english major hat again!!! in this poem you have a traditional image of the night before christmas and the arrival of santa- the associations are ones of innocence and magic. this image is juxtaposed with the image of a person with diabetes needing to get up in the middle of the night to correct bg. here night is in reality a time that can be a dangerous one for PWD, a time which sometimes even leads to death. but even with the gravity of living with diabetes, the person getting up to give himself life-saving insulin is not only enjoying the beauty of the snow, he is also graciously apologetic to santa. santa’s memory of the man as child contrasts and blends the magic and innocence of a child’s belief in santa with the suffering that children with diabetes go through. what i mean is that a child simultaneously can hold within themselves an ethereal, angel-like nature while at the same time experiencing earthly, hard to make sense of suffering. santa shows compassion, and the man who has stumbled upon santa shows that he has risen to the burden of diabetes with grace. in the end, happiness and a good night (with horizontal arrows) for all. i love this poem!!!

PS extra levels of excellence for the sleeping and beeping rhyme- humor in all situations!!!

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I am self promoting again. I have not bumped this in a couple of years, I do it so newcomers may enjoy it.


Again I am bumping this. It was written 5 years ago, many older members have seen it, I want to share it with our newest members.


You should submit this to magazines. It might only be of interest to diabetes magazines, which aren’t known for their poetry, but its definitely good enough to be published.

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Great to see it again, Gary.

A cure for diabetes used to be my Christmas wish every year when I was a kid. I hadn’t seen this poem before but it pretty much describes most diabetics life in a nutshell. Getting up to treat BG issues but still having faith and believing in the possibility of a cure even if it comes from old Saint Nick. Merry Christmas everyone!

Gary, well done! As much time as I’ve spent on TuD over the years, I missed this when it originally appeared. I particularly like this section as it deals with the classic tension between hope and reality that we as people with diabetes must face. It also hints at the injustice of a child forced to live with a chronic life-threatening condition.

Thanks for resurfacing your poem.

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