Just a thought

As I sit here with my thoughts my beloved is sleeping not feeling too well, I have made fresh lemon juice tinted with honey and drops of my everlasting love not often you see my Angel knocked of her feet and laid low me I am different I do not often feel on top of the World ready to shout hello World here I am just sitting here listening to Stephen Hawkins on television,surrounded by four cat's Brian no idea who he belongs to but has taken up residence with us Smudge is sleeping on the carpet in the kitchen Jimbob and Brieni as sleeping up stairs outside our bedroom door closed it to let Angel sleep advert for Vodka on television one would be nice with tomato juice wishful thinking.
Living room looks nice,decorations Christmas tree real light up with reindeer and father christmas lights but no one here to share it with me there was a time when all my family would gather to share a meal at this special time of the year but let's not get low I well we had lots of Christmas meals like that so memories fill in the blanks on times like these,have to take Angel some hot fresh lemon juice she is not eating but she must keep on drinking, we were only saying a few nights ago wouldn't it be nice if all the family could avoid illness but tempting fete is not a good thing to do.
I remember our first Christmas we moved from Sheila's home into a one room bedsit our baby was on the way we had a one bar electric heater no cooking facilities and had to ask if we could use the owners toilet cannot remember what we had for Christmas dinner no one invited us out much like today but as long as we had each other and our baby who was 7 months growing in the womb who could have asked for more God provides even in the darkest of times God always provides.
Smudge has wondered downstairs and is sitting in front of me Brian fast asleep on the armchair don't you feel so useless when someone so near and dear is ill,Good job we went late night shopping on Saturday only Daniel so sort out and fingers crossed Jessica's Heelys shoes arrive in time just sent for Angels present shhhh let us keep it to ourselves,our daughter Sandra who moved to America 10 years ago phoned us tonight to wish us a happy Christmas nice when you kids send nice messages so finally to all TU friends loved ones here and abroad have a Happy Christmas/festive time blessings be on all of you

tweedle & sheila have a merry christmas with your loved ones far & near & your lovely 4 legged friends
& good health & happy new year

Yes, Beautiful Christmas to you!