A diabetes project...AND I NEED YOUR HELP!

A few weeks ago I came on here and talked about a kickstarter fundraising thing I was doing to get funding for a photo project involving diabetes. We ended up getting the funding and photo shoots are being scheduled. We also made a website where others can share their photos and stories. We are still slow on getting people to participate in it due to the fact that it is so new and a lot of people aren't aware of its existence. I would love to feature some of you guys on it and would appreciate it if any of you would spread this project to any diabetic friends or family. Thanks a lot!
-Edward Fieder

www.thefacesofdiabetes.com - Website - Read the "About" and "FAQ" pages

facebook.com/thefacesofdiabetes - Facebook page

Please keep in mind this is ALL new! It'll take awhile before it gets traction but I'm hoping it'll get busy to where I can update the page everyday with a new person.

hi Edward, thats was a good job. keep it up. meanwhile i cant find where to share my story.

From his site, http://thefacesofdiabetes.com/faq/ he has this listed as how to add your own:

Send an email to TheFacesofDiabetes@gmail.com with a story about how diabetes has affected your life. It can be something humorous thats happened, something you’ve learned, how you respond to those annoying questions (yeah you know which ones) and so on – along with a photo of you. Please note that you will also be added to the gallery along with the rest of the people that have submitted their stories!

The FAQ has a few other answers there as well.