I'm working on a project to put a face to diabetes

Hi everybody,

I haven’t been on this site in a while. I have been very busy! I have been keeping up a bit on stuff on Twitter.

Anyways, I’m working on a project. I want to display, on both of my blogs a slide show, of people who have diabetes. I’m asking for everybody’s help. I’ve already received some pictures but I would like to have more… I really want to make an impact.

Unfortunately, diabetes is a disease without a face. I want to show the world that diabetes is not just a disease; there are real people behind it! I want to give diabetes a face and I’m asking for your help to do that.

If you would like to make an impact, please email me your picture along with the age that you were when you were diagnosed. All emails can be send to: diabetes@thursbyandfamily.com

By submitting your picture, you understand and agree that you picture will be published on these 2 websites:


So this is a call out to all diabetics and all parents of diabetic children! If you have any questions, please feel free to either email me or post a comment here! Please help me. Thanks!


Great way to make an impact Rachel :)!

Got one coming for ya!

Just emailed you a picture and subscribed to your blog :slight_smile:

I like this I just turned 22 yesterday so I will send you a great photo from that :slight_smile: … I actually look good in it for once


Does this only apply to Type I’s?

Wow…great project, great idea. Quite the endeavour…THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Now to look for a pic in which I look normal!!!

Thank you to everybody who has send picture and to those who will do so shortly. I have started putting the slide show together… it’s a lot of work! :slight_smile: But honestly, I’m having a great time doing it!

Kathy, this does not apply to Type 1 only. You are welcome to email me your picture with your date of diagnostic! :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel…2 things;

  1. For some reason, I can’t get on the web site you posted. so should I upload here?
  2. My dx date is sketchy…for one, I know I had it long before dx…and for another, my Dr never came out and said it right away, then suddenly refered to it as “your diabetes”. So…a round about guess?

Hi Linda,

You don’t need to give the date, just the age that you were. You can email the picture to diabetes@thursbyandfamily.com Let me know if you still have problems. Thank you so much for your participation :slight_smile:

Ok will try again…the age varies between 2 to 4 years, depending on the point of perspective…but I’m sure you’re not too concerned about that!!!

I sent you a picture. haha it will look very familiar.

I just sent one. :smiley:

Sorry…no go!!

That’s weird… Do you want to try and attach it here and I will come get it?

This is me weth my wee grandson. Diagnosed at thereabouts 50...type 2.

Got the picture! Thanks :slight_smile:

Good…Thank you for your patience Rachel!

That’s a great idea!! Mine is on it’s way.