A diabetes silver lining

We all complain a lot about what a burden D is, and rightly so.

It sucks.

There are, occasionally, those little positives that happen because of D, and I try to collect them and keep them in mind when I'm feeling down about D.

Had a (for me, and OCD type person, not clinically, colloquially) good one over the last few days.

53 years old, and I've spent my entire life with frustration keeping a band-aid on skinned knuckles. Diabetes has slowed healing in this spot, so keeping it covered and ointmented is very important -- and a real challenge.

Many know where this is going: Skin-tac. I never would have been aware that such a product existed if I wasn't and insulin-diabetic.

So, had an "aha!" thursday after putting on a fresh band-aid just to have the end of it peel up and the entire thing come off simply driving to work. That night, I put a new one on with Skin-tac, and here it is Sunday -- picture tells the whole story:

3 days and the thing is epoxied to my hand! The edge wrapping around into the palm would have peeled up within an hour or two just from using my hand.

The "dirty" spot on the pad is neosporin ointment leak-through. I've been squirting a dab of ointment under the pad on the wound each morning to keep it treated.

After putting Skin-tac on an area a bit larger than the band-aid, applied the dressing, then used a Unisolve wipe to remove the excess skintac around the band-aid. Worked perfectly.

I've been suffering with the skinned knuckle for two weeks. It won't heal, because it keeps getting infected. I have to use my hand, after all.

It's done more to heal in the last 3 days than it has in 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure it will be healed enough this week that I'll be able to take the band-aid off. More Unisolve!