A Diabetic Mind

It’s funny how every time I give myself a new injection, each time i have to do blood-work, and each time i have to prick my fingers, squeeze until enough blood comes out, it never gets easier. Sometimes I even hesitate to do it… just like the first time i learned to give myself a shot. how is it that I can hate needles so much… but depend on them for my life? how is it i can do so well one day with numbers and so awful the next… when i try so hard to do everything right?

Eat less but eat enough, exercise at this time not that time to counteract the hypers, exercise with a sugar pouch tucked into your sports bra in case you go into a hypo, check blood sugar at this time, and that time, and every time in-between, write down your numbers, what you eat, how much of what you eat, how many carbs was it? Oh no, i miscalculated, have to eat more even though i’m full, i just worked out, do i really have gulp down so much juice? sweaty all over even in the cold, shaking can’t stop; that means a hype is coming, be prepared or be scared that you forgot to pack an extra glucose needle, an extra juice pack, who do i call? will they know what to do? i don’t want to call and be a burden to someone else’s time, this is my disease, i need to deal with it. <------ The Diabetic Mind.

*With this post… I would like to commend all of you who live with Diabetes, whether it be Type 1, Type 2, gestational, or living with a loved-one who has it; and it is also time to commend myself for finally admitting that I have Type 1 diabetes and no, I’m not like everyone else. Diabetic Denial is also a disease. Together, we can fight it :wink:

I heard this saying awhile back and it seems appropriate. “A doctor once told me ‘If your blood sugars were normal, you wouldn’t be a diabetic.’” Keep up the good fight since it always seems we never get out of round 1 of the 15 round bout with the disease.

that quote is now my new favorite =)
it’s funny how doctors can really make a difference on how you look at things… mine makes me feel like I can never do good enough. Time to switch to a different one i guess! Thank you :wink:

Perfectly said.

I do not think it is possible to do a great job at handling this “ball and chain” all the time. Some days that ball is light, others we can barely move. What works for me is accepting this and hitting whatever happens head on. Never give up. Once you start giving up, it is a whole hell of a lot harder to recover. I am speaking from experience. As far as doc’s are concerned…use Google and make good choices. :).

love the input. will-do :wink: