Tired of Diabetes. What are you tired of?

I for one am so tired of diabetes. I’m tired of people telling me what I can and cannot do, tired of hearing, “can you have that?”, tired of people treating it like I have a sugar problem. I am especially tired of trying to explain that I can do anything I want and eat anything I choose. It’s just that my pancreas comes in a vial. We need to find a way to let others know that we are just like them…just a tad different on how we have to manage our lives. Diabetes is not my life, just a part of it.

I am tired of living with this condition 24/7. I could go on forever. I just want to hear if I’m normal from others who have to go thru this.

Sorry, someone made a comment to me today…and kind of pissed me off.

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This was meant for type 1, 2, 1.5 or anyone. Manny, we having trouble here?

I’m tired of never being able to take a “day off”… I find that more of a challenge than dealing with people’s ignorant comments :slight_smile:


I hear you- it’s so frustrating sometimes when people who I know mean well and should understand (given how many times I have explained to them) say things like “is it okay for you to have that?” or "should you be eating that?"
I want to throttle them sometimes. It’s not just you.
Hang in there.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take a day off. I must admit, I have taken an hour or two off and had a huge baked potato with sour cream. Thanks for your support Jaeckle.

im very sick with complications of diabetes… what am i tired of??? im tired of the struggle to control my diabetes because of these complications…
i hear you too with comments from others…hang in there : )

Even as a type II, I am definitely tired of diabetes. I am tired of the constant monitoring, even if it’s only 24/7. I am tired of having more doc’s appt’s than I have free time some weeks. But as you said Jon, and I love it, “diabetes is not my life, just a part of it.” I look at it as wearing glasses, My glasses aren’t me, but they sure help me function better…and so does all that I do for myself related to the diabetes.

Hi John,

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Jon I could have not said it any better.Diabetes does get borying after sometime and like I said to my sisters I wouldnt mind giving it away now.lol

You did that. Thanks. I am using firefox.

this isn’t meant to sound callous or uncaring, but … take a deep breath and consider what you’re saying. i’ve been t1 for 50 years and one reason i’m complication-free and living a great life is i refuse to allow self-pity to surface even for a second. it’s a useless exercise. and … with all the tools available today the likelihood of a full, productive happy life with D are quite high. so what if you can’t eat that donut or the extra-large piece of cheesecake?

one other thing i’ve done that’s helped … i tell no one i’m diabetic. only my wife, kids and endo know about my ``condition.’’ that means i never have to explain myself or participate in those tiresome conversation about food or the other nuances of D management. give it a try.

I agree completely. I’d love a vacation day. I get tired of packing all this paraphernalia every time I go out of town. I’m tired of always needing to have my meter with me at all times, spare needles in the glove box just in case I get a pump problem. I’m tired of thinking I’ve done a good job covering my meals with the proper amount of insulin and be wrong. I could keep going on.

You’re not the only one who goes through this. But it doesn’t make it any less irritating.

I know what you mean Cathy.

Question for you. You are a type 2 and I am type 1. If I want to eat something I really shouldn’t, I bolus like crazy. What does a type 2 do? I would like to understand. I always wondered. If what I think is correct, type 2’s might have it harder, although diabetes in any form is a real ■■■■■.

I am so very tired of it after all these years, too! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this company called “I’m tired of…”, but they make these cool bracelets from old tires, and it has a charm that says “I’m tired of” and then a cause or condition, like diabetes. They cost $10 and they give $5 of that to the Diabetes Research Institute, a fantastic facility that is dedicated to finding us a cure. click here.

sorry for the shameless plug, I know sometimes it’s hard to have to deal with ignorant people. Most people have no idea what diabetes is. Sometimes you can take an opportunity to educate, other times, it’s not worth the effort!

Hi DC. I appreciate your input, but I didn’t mean to sound like I have self pity, because I don’t. I am just tired of being a diabetic going thru all the crap we go through. I came out of the “closet” a couple years ago because I was tired of running off to test and take a shot. Now I don’t care who knows, but I am just tired of people treating me differently and the day to day to maintenance involved with our condition. I am a diabetic…I am not proud of it and I am not ashamed of it either. It is just a part of me.

Thanks for your response, and I wish you well

Not a shameless plug. I’ll check it out.

I am tired of not being able to afford my insulin, syringes and test strips, i lost my job and have no insurance so i can’t afford them but we can send them overseas. So i had to swallow my pride today and guess i found a new way to buy insulin, i walked down to the town square today and held a sign i need donations to buy my insulin it took me three hours but i walked away with $43.85, enough to buy a bottle of Relion/Novolin 70/30 insulin and a box of 3/10cc syringes. Most people were very sympathetic and others were angry that i would have to do ask for donations for my insulin after all the taxes they pay and wanted to know why i couldn’t get any help.

Don’t know what i will do next month for insulin but at least i have a vial for this month, i never thought i could bring myself to do something like that as i am used to doing for myself and provoding for myself but i knew that i had to swallow my pride this time as my will to live is stronger then my pride.

Sweet Blood

Now that’s funny

I’m tired of being told that I don’t take care of myself when I do!!! Things have changed from 20 years ago or longer!!! I will not die if I eat something sweet I just add up the carbs!