A Diet?

Does anyone know a good diet or website that has a diet plan thats good for type 1 diabetes… i made a diet already but i figured id try to get ideas from you guys! also is anyone knows of protein shakes to make or protein bars im tired of straight protein or protein and oat heh thanks everyone!!!

Sparkspeople.com is a great one I run the type 1 diabetes group and it really helps keep you accountable has many great great recipes and gives you meal plans that you can adjust each day if you want and also adds exercise into the mix. I have had great success with it and so have many in my group. so check it out and see what you think it is free so no worries there and it just helps you with the dieting and exercise but seems more like the lifestyle change to me instead of fast off pounds you know. I wanted something that would last long term without keeping me from foods I like it teaches moderation.

I like the Zone diet by Dr Sear . Not only does it work for the diabetic but it also help to reduce inflammation in the arteries which is a major problem that cause CVD .

I have started following a low glycemic index diet, which helps me because it is easier to match the timing of the insulin. Although many say that this is not important for type 1s, I find that it is!

I totally agree with you Kristin .Low glycemic diet has made my insulin timing much easier. Have you look at the Zone Diet .I really like it (with modifcation for my cal. needs).

i follow the low glycemic index also i was just looking for tips… maybe new food to add to my meal plan! i know my daily cal intake is like 1800 but i shoot for like 2400 cause i wanna add mass

Avocados may be the thing you are look for … Avocados are high in calories .One avocado has around 300 cal. There are many health benefits to them , high in monosaturated fat ,vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals . The best thing about them is that avocados reduce inflammation in arteries and will help prevent CVD . For the diabetic this is a big issue. Avocados are low carb.

Don’t forget Brussel Spouts and broccolli both have anti inflammatory properties for arteries Add some olive oil and a little garlic . Try snacking on walnuts . Walnuts are high in omega 3 oils and are important for heart health.

thanks Dennis… i was actually just looking into avocados yesterday and i like them also so thats a good call thanks again!

This is Dr. Richard Bernstine’s website
He is a little radical

Add lime juice and garlic to mashed avocados, Glucamolie .

hmm i did not know that lol does it taste good?

Here’s some more details about the diet that I follow in case it helps:

My dietician has emphasized that a majority of my carbs always be low GI. So I aim for meals where less than 40% of carbs are from fruit, single sugars, or milk-based products.

For snacks, I eat a lot of whole wheat crackers. I don’t live in the USA – so I can’t recommend brands, but these are 2g carb and 0.7g of fiber per cracker. I eat a few crackers with cheese or with natural jogurt. The crackers slow down the increase of my blood sugar.

I eat A LOT of eggs. Everyday for breakfast, I eat two eggs, two pieces of whole grain toast (24g carb), cheese, fresh vegetables, coffee with a small amount of milk. Then either a small natural yogurt (10g) or a small serving of fruit (10g = half a peach, slice of melon, 1 sm apricot or nectarine – I weigh my fruit to make sure not to eat more than 10g worth).

Lunches and dinners vary a lot, but I eat potatoes (because I love them – not because they are low GI). Usually 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes (24g carb) or 30g carb worth of steak fries that I bake in olive oil with meat and veggies.

I find that eating a big breakfast helps me a lot to maintain the diet throughout the day. So I wake up early enough to have time to eat a lot and eat well.

I am trying the weight watchers point system. I have been doing it for a week and lost one pound! It helps you to make healthier food choices. Although not totally diabetes related diet, I like it! It has really helped me to see some of the bad food choices I was making and also I could see how large of a portion I was eating before! Has made a big difference in my way of thinking when it comes to food!

Sounds like a plan to me! I’m amazed how many Lada won’t even try the low GI diet because someone told them that type1’s don’t need it . I’ve gotten so much better contrl over my dieabetes ,much more stable with low GI diet. For me I avoid white food ;Flour ,Sugar , potatoes and white rice. I also eat regularly cottage cheese with raspberries or strawberries.

yea ive been eating low carb this week and my BG has gotten alot better… i eat lots of cottage cheese and salad… eggs, tuna and so on

Angie try walking an hor a day it resets your metabolism . Alos add strength training to your routine and see how much a difference it makes. I would also recommend the Zone diet by Dr. Sears.

"Nothing taste as good as being thin feels. The best plan should work for both over weight and underweight. I like low glycemic and low carb,as much unprocess as possible ,as much raw as possible and high nutrition low cal ratio. Avoid MSG high fructose corn syrup and other manmade sweetners. cloeser to natural you can eat the better . Forget the process foods.

I focus on lots of protein and veggies and less carbs. www.livestrong.com is a great tracker tool, not really a diet plan, although it does count calories. I like it because I can record my food on my blackberry or online and export to a spreadsheet for review. Then I can also match it up with my cgms records to identify trends.

Protein bars I like: Luna bars(don’t be scared because the package label says “for women”), kids cliff bars, Larabars and The Zone. The last one has yummy chocolate flavors.

Good luck!

I have prediabetes. I’m not overweight. I also like My Plate D on LIVESTRONG. It has a very large food data base. It’s best to double check the nutritional info when using it. There are a few mistakes. However, it has some restuarant meals as well as regular grocery items. Name brand items are also in the data base. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use. The free version has most of the info a person needs.

I just discovered a great cooking show “Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen” on FitTV. I an NOT suggesting Type 1s go on a low carb diet. But this guy has some really creative recipes for very low carb candies, cakes, cookies and treats. Today, he made chocolate peanut butter candy molds for two grams apiece, and nice generous size and lemon pound cake at 8 grams a slice. Not to mention his meal recipies which are very low carb and taste great. He did low carb Thanksgving with stuffing and pumpkin ice cream with almond cookie. Too high fat for everyday occasions but great for holidays