Losing Weight for Type 1

I've been struggling with losing weight since I had diabetes. Admittedly, I gained a lot of weight when I got depressed for having diabetes. However, I do enjoy sports/adventure activities but I can hardly lose weight since I need to load some carbohydrates whenever I get hypo. This kind of defeat the purpose of burning calories then.

Anyhow, would love to hear your suggestions/diet plans for type 1 diabetics =) Muchas gracias! =)

The only thing I've found that helps me to lose weight is to cut back on my carbs (stay under 100g/day) and do my best to avoid lows. In addition, upping my exercise helps as well, as this decreases my insulin needs and obviously burns calories.

It can be hard to lose weight as a T1, but not impossible. If you're logging your data, it may help to review it with your endo to figure out what is causing you to go low. If you can cut back on those lows, that should help significantly. I know this is hard. But I know when I take the time to look at my data and identify trends, I can shed a couple of pounds if I want.

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Hi Johanah,
Do a search on this site on "losing weight" and read and read.
Check that your basal is not set too high for normal activity. Try for 100-110 mm/dL when you haven't eaten. Around the clock.
Check out what bolus insulin you need for small numbers of grams. At any time of day your insulin:carb gram ratio can be different. But get familiar particularly with how much insulin covers 6-7-8 grams.
Once you are sure of that, you can eat small numbers of grams and give insulin to that and not go hypo.
Test before a definable amount of exercise, e.g., 15 minute walk; and test an hour later to see how far you've dropped. This can help you know how much less insulin to take at the meal before you're going to exercise. It won't be perfect, but you can lessen hypos by lower insulin.
I can lose weight simply by eating low carb at about 60-70 grams a day. Good luck!
Also do a search on the site on "eating low carb", and once you know what insulin you need for a low carb diet, low carb can help you lose weight.

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Lowering carbs & therefore using less insulin is the best route I know. When I first went low carb, I lost too much weight & had to increase protein to gain. So, watching protein intake is also important. Not low protein, which is unhealthy, but making sure you're not eating more protein than needed. This is a good protein calculator http://www.phlaunt.com/lowcarb/DietMakeupCalc.php.

Of course, be sure that your insulin dose matches your food & activity level, so you're not using too much or too little that requires correcting. Easier said than done, I know.

Exercise is important for many reasons, but it's near impossible to exercise weight off by solely physical activity.

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I have to agree with everybody here. Going low carb a few months back not only helped me to lower my A1C but I also lost 10 kilos (22 lbs), actually without doing much exercise during that time. However, I think exercise is still important, but not so much for losing weight I would say.

I have just reading Gary Taubes "Why we get Fat", an excellent, excellent book.

I have followed his advice since Saturday and believe it or not I have already lost 3kg! Sounds insane, but true. I have been extremely strict and have been running every day though.

Carbs and sugar reduction is the way to go.. Lean meats, green veg and plenty of water.

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Did the same. First read Dr. Berstein's book and directly after that "Why we get fat".

Yes it was certainly interesting stuff.

I think I will combine it with the much lauded Dukan and have a cheat days once a week, I am hoping to move towards a life style change in the long term rather than a diet for a couple of months.

I have done it before and had similar results, but chicken, steak, prawns, fish, spinach, green beans etc etc. Gets very boring after several months ha..

Cheat days suck. I gained 4 lbs eating my mother-in-law's padjun (Korean seafood pancakes...) last night. The flour had 23G of carbs per two tablespoons!

Weight Watchers. They cater to diabetics, even Type 1s. I've used them before to loose weight and lost almost 30 lbs.

those sound fabulous!!! we have something similar ish in spain, tiny shrimp fried in batter in pancake form. i cannot for the life of me guess their carb count or bolus correctly for them! changes depending on where i get them. have given up!
glad you are enjoying!

Your taking too much insulin if your having too many lows. If your depressed don’t take it out on food. Instead take it out on excercise. Go for a 20 min. Walk or bike ride. Control your carb intake. Stop feeding your body insulin… The more you inject the more you have to eat. Try and cut back on insulin and food. Always check with your Doctor and make sure he checks your Tyroid. Because if it’s underactive it needs to be treated or you’ll never lose weight no matter how much you excercise, plus you won’t have the energy…Good Luck!

P.S I hope your on an insulin pump it’s the best thing for type 1 diabetics. I use to take 40-50 units a day on shots and now that I’m on the pump I take 20-30 within a 24hour day:)

Hi Nancy, I'm still using Humalog pen right now but will visit my endo soon and inquire about pump. Thanks much! :)

Thanks Leo for providing helpful suggestions! :)

Really??!!!I searched FB re. PH Diab Athletes, but didn't find it there although I googled it and found one of the organizers, Rej Santos. I messaged him in FB saying me and my friend are interested to join his group.

June 23 their GA, I would love to go but I have work. I would like to take a leave though. Anyway, let me know the details in case. Let's keep in touch via sms. I'll message you my mobile number. Thanks a bunch Sally!

Thanks Gerri! Thanks also for the link! :)

Sally, you're very well informed! :) Thanks for sharing!

Low carb it is! :) Thanks Till!

The book sounds interesting, I might get one! :) Thanks Buck!

I was taking too much insulin in an effort to keep my numbers in check. Five years ago I reduced my insulin by about 1/3rd which reduced my cravings for food. I also adopted a new diet by cutting out the bad stuff - fried foods, fast food, etc. It was somewhat drastic but I monitored my bs closely. I was surprised by the results - dropped about 50 pounds in 9 months. I gained 15 back but have been stable for three years now. It worked for me but you must watch your numbers. My doctor was all for it when I told him what I was doing. Maybe I was lucky but it did work!