A free eBook to help you on your 1st year with diabetes

Will Dubois is a Diabetes Author, Educator and Advocate and a diabetes patient himself. He dedicates his life to help people with diabetes in rural New Mexico, as Diabetes Coordinator at the Pecos Valley Medical Center. He has written a book called "Taming The Tiger", meant to help people during their first year with diabetes.

Will likes to compare diabetes to a tiger. He asks patients, “Can you have a pet tiger? Sure you can. As long as you feed it well, groom it, and never turn your back on it, you can coexist with a tiger in your living room. But if you neglect the tiger, starve it, turn your back on it – the tiger will pounce on you and tear you to shreds. Diabetes is the tiger. Feed it right. Take care of it right. And the two of you will live just fine together.”

He has generously made the book available as a free download on this site: http://www.diabetes-without-borders.org

Great book! Thank you for posting! I’m sharing it on Facebook and Twitter! :slight_smile:

I didn’t get much help in the first few months after diagnosis - until I discovered Will. He set me on the path of taking control of my diabetes and being more assertive when I wanted more information or wanted to challenge the advice I was receiving. Thank you Will - you are a life saver.

It is also worth mentioning that, as well as making this book available for free, Will is trying to get it translated into as many languages as possible so, if you’ve got the talent, maybe you could tick on over and volunteer to help out. I know that someone is going to appreciate your help.

Wow, good stuff. It's been hard for me to get past that whole media thing of this being all my fault. We as American's (or at least the people around here) are not very nice to diabetics. Even my closest friends and family have given me that "looks like this is your fault" kind of look. It's been rough but at least I feel like I've grown as a person. Maybe along the way I can help others in the same way.

I've just been diagnosed and I found your book enlightening. Thanks for making it available!

Hi Love the metaphor...Couldnt download Taming the Tiger, any help?

I'm sorry, but when I downloaded your book, the pages came up blank. I waited a few minutes to see if it would show text, but did not, so I reloaded it. Still no text.
Can you help me with this issue? I'm sure it's not my computer, as it's new and I've had no issue with this type of download.
Thank you in advance.

I really wanted to check out the book too & the same thing happened. I went to Barnes & Noble & the only copy was online for $80, so....still interested but price shy. Will u let me know if u r able to download, eventually Thanks Patricia

Thanks for sharing this E-book with us! I read it and will take it to heart . Hopefully I won't need medication if I just learn to eat properly.

Psyched:) Taming the Tiger text is visible/readable online. Thank You

OMG... I thought I "already knew" all of this. Totally wrong. This is helping me know that I am not alone. Tears, tears, tears full of RELIEF.

I didn't even realize how afraid I've been. Holy cow.

OMG - YES! Have been too ashamed to tell family or even close friends for that reason. Phew.

This book is a gem. A zen guide to dealing with this illness. Here's my big gift from diabetes: it motivated me to lost 105 pounds. I'd been trying for a long time, but diabetes (the rock wall falling on my head). Need to read more about journaling and testing,

I'm going to print this out for my mom. Thanks for all of the helpful resources!

This book is very helpful and good for family members to read. Thanks for posting this.

This was great thank you, I have believed the myth led by the media that type 2 diabetes is not really that serious unlike type 1 and is mainly a self inflicted disease caused by over eating - obesity. Why did I believe the media I never believe the media about anything else so why did I about this?? I thought this has happened to me because I am to fat but this lil book is hopefully the beginning for me of feeling better about myself and losing those 3 1/2 extra stone to many ;) Thank you for helping me to begin my journey of recovery.