A Fresh Start

In life there is no restart button or any do overs. Life is what it is. What we do or don't do and the people we have around us is what's going to help us make the best out of life. These are the things that will affect our lives for the good or bad. But we have to live with that. P a friend of mine on here tells me all the time that "Life is for the living". Life has its ups and downs, true as that may be. But it is how we work through the downs that make us stronger and it is the downs that makes us want to see the ups and the ups are what make life worth living.

We all have the choice of how we will live our life. When I really think about it, it all comes down to this. Life is too short sometimes. It is not for us to say when it should end. Life comes with the good and bad. How we deal with it is up to us. We can make choices that will leave us miserable and unhappy or not. The people that you have around you also can have a big impact on your life. I have come to understand and accept this.

Sunday I came very close to ending my life. I was at my lowest low. I was at the end of my rope and I needed a hand. You all were my helping hand Sunday. You all answered my call for help. For that I am here today and truly thankful.

Surrounding myself with good friends and people who love me warts and all. Taking it one day at a time. This is how I have gotten this far and will keep on keeping on. This is my fresh start kinda in a way. I AM A SURVIVER AND I WILL KEEP ON SURVIVING.

"But it is how we work through the downs that make us stronger and it is the downs that makes us want to see the ups and the ups are what make life worth living."
I shall write it somewhere where I will have to read it daily. It is so well written, so felt.
I am here. We are here.
Thankful for each other.

Acquafortis it is good to know you are here. I know that I am thankful for each person here.

I agree with Acquafortis, I think I am going to have to put those words somewhere that I can read them daily. Them are some deep words. You are a surviver. But remember this, we are here for each other. You can call on me anytime.

Good to see you here again , kiddo ; love your attitude …keep on smelling the roses, thorns included !
Go and hug your Mom from me .

Yah Missy! You go! Such a wonderful post! Very true “Life is for the Living”.

Welcome back my friend!! you are a surviver!! stay positive and strong ohh and happy Thanks giving

I really could not have put it better, myself. The lowest parts of our lives make the good ones so much better… We have a lot to look forward to. We love and appreciate you so much. You are a fighter, a survivor, and one my heroes.

Danny those words are my new motto.
Liz you are right. There is a lot to look forward to. I feel honored that you conceder me to be one of your heroes.

Nel I will for sure keep smelling the roses and thorns. And I gave my mum a hug a good long one.

THERE YA’ GO!!! “I’m a surviver and I will keep on surving” Truer words from such a great lady have never been spoken!!! Love this post Missy! That’s the Missy I’ve gotten to know here in the past few months!!! GLAD TO READ IT!!!

You are a survivor for now but slowly you will become again the Captain of your life.

Doris, I am starting to feel that that girl.

You GO, Girl!!!