Trying times

Our eldest daughter flies abroad in an hour she is going with friends we know she will be ok but it does not stop you worrying our eldest son has packed his job in after 10 years more worry I know as parents we should not worry well not show it, but surely that is what being a parent is all about, it is fine when your childen decide to fly and leave the nest which has been there home for 15/16/17/18 years but little thought is given to the parents left to pick up the pieces the empty space left in your heart as your baby or in our case babies 5 in all start on life long journey.

I left home at 17 fell in love and turned my back on my parents so perhaps it is just the circle joing up again I reget how I left home but when you are a teenager the world is big and inviting the trouble is no one prepares you for the knocks it gives you from time to time, having faith in yourself through hard difficult times does make you stronger more resilient if you learn the lessons, sadly some of us repeat the mistakes time after time, it seems the seed of destruction is powerful in some of us.

When you meet someone get married or not and have kids it is no longer about you, you as a person ceases to exsist and a new union/bond is created where the good of the many out weighs the wants of the one, yes we scream and shout drag our feet rebel but in the end if you can see it is not about you but about all you love and cheerish perhaps the world will look kindly on you for a while.

Never take life for grantedwe are here to be tested you never know when the tests are here but get cocky and turn your back on life and it will turn around and bite you in the neck.

Ever person who has ever lives all my forefathers have faced difficulties hard times some of which I cannot even imagine but they got through it how do I konw because I am here when I look in the mirror in a morning shaving it is not only me looking bak but my father my grandfather his father his grandfather and on and on it goes generation after generation the gne must survive, when out gene dies all those countless generations that have struggled die with it.

Some of our kids are parents now and are going through some of the joys setbacks and decisions you have to make being a parent, all we can do is be here offer support if they need it give them a hug and tell them what ever they do in life is ok with you,knowing deep down inside I made the same mistakes

Why have I put this in my blog because some of us wake up this morning with the weight of the world on there shoulders not knowing which way to turn what to do for the best these are the times we need to look in the mirror take a moment clear your head and imagine all those generations that have gone before you and made it possible for you to stand and look yourself in the eye knowing tommorrow is a new day make the most of it.

…and I’m thankful for each new day.