Summer Falls

It is mornings like this that can make or break your day, sometimes i get up full of aches and pains and often falling over as I get or try to get out of bed, being lightheaded when you stand up can be a real disaster waiting to happen many is the time I have just fallen over .

I suppose coming up to 63 you have to expect things like this, I look in the mirror each morning and see an old man staring back at me, all those times when I was young a teenager in my 20s 30s and 40s when i never gave it a second thought and here I am again looking at a stranger this is not how i see myself in my mind.

I am 23 years old chasing our 5 kids around the house playing scraggy monkey, catching the kids one by one and giving them a cuddle, these days I seldom see our kids from one day to the other yes life can be crueal at times, the wife often tells me the kids love you but htey have their own lives to lead families to raise and deep down somewhere in my heart I know that, but when yo have changed their nappies stayed up all night when they have been sick or could not sleep because there was a monster under the bed it is not easy to let go and let them go there own way.

As each son and daughter left home the saddness in my heart grew after 5 of your sons and daughters had left you would think you would be use to it, but if you are a parent perhaps you know how I felt pleased as punch that your offspring is venturing out into the big unknown but scarred to your toes nails they might falter and fall as we all do trying to stand on our own feet.

When our grand children were born we have 4 at the moment the candle in my heart that went out re-lit again but as one of our sons has tols me dad they are not your kids and we know better, really son when we had you we knew practically nothing but times change we change our outlook on life changes not always for the best.

So where am I going with this blog I think whatIam trying to say and not very good is you are given life sometimes its good sometimes it stinks but it's life the grass might be greener over the next hill but cut your own grass and you never know what you might find...........................Ramundow

Seems like yesterday that my 3 children were little, out playing in the front yard chasing butterflies. Now one has a chld, one is divorced, and the other is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Your life does sound good but it’s hard getting older, isn’t it?

Ray, you’re still a Kid and your heart knows it. Try to get into something that your “inner Child” would like to do. It’s Great that you are on the net anyways. Gee, 62/63 isn’t even retirement age yet for most.

You certainly had a Nice number of Kids. Good for you. You sound like you were and still are a Good Dad. Although I originally wanted 12 Kids, :smiley: I decided not to push my Luck and only had our 2 Kids.

Ya, many People complain that they don’t see their Kids often enough. Well, they do have their own lives and usually Families to look after plus Friends and work to do. It’s sometimes hard for them to get away especially if they live farther away. If any live closer to you, you could phone them up and ask if they could help you do something at your home and say that you’d appreciate it. Whether you need their help or not. Something that you think they wouldn’t mind doing and or are Good at doing.