A Mother's Wish

Here’s something I found on YouTube about 3 minutes ago. I cried through the whole video because of the song lyrics. I don’t know if some of you might have seen it, but I’m posting it anyway.

This is especially for all the mums and dads with diabetic kids here because I know this is your heart, written in a song. It’s the heart of my own mum too, even though I’m relatively new to diabetes. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Ok - yeah, that made me cry. Good grief, that was sweet.

Thanks Deana,
That is exactly I felt for my 1st daughter when we found out she was a Type 1 just like me. It’s also what I wish for mt 2nd one that is doing great so far! I gotta go cry for a while now! Great kid there!

ahhh that was a tear jerker!

How wonderful and sweet this is.


Yes, that is beautiful… I am still crying! :wink:


Oh! MY! I’m still crying. What a beautiful song!