A new day

7:31 am - groggy, nauseous - bloodsugar 312… 30 units levemir, 5 units novolog - shower, yoga

8:54 am - bloodsugar 114.

dropped too fast. shaky. 6 glucose tabs & holding at 115 ten minutes later.

i am happy to see a normal number. i am frustrated and sad that it got there too fast and it doesn’t feel good.

Hi there! I had the same issue in college, where I ran high for awhile and then when my BS was 90-130 I felt low even though it was where it needed to be. You may want to slowly ease yourself back down to a “normal” range. Whatever you are averaging now aim for 50-75 below that until you are back where you need to be. Like you already know, your body has gotten use to the unhealthy high levels. Take care and good luck!