Low blood sugar :(

I'm just so frustrated. So My blood sugar has been uncooperative all day it seems. Before dinner I was at 139 so I took my novolog my ratio right now is 1:10 and I seem to do well on this the past few days...but i'm still in the beginning of trying to figure things out. Anyway I checked at 1 hour because I always check 1 and 2 hours right now just to figure out what's going on for data. I ate 30g of carbs so I took 3u of insulin. I waited 20 minutes since I was a little higher side before eating and then I ate. At 1 hour I was 91. Then 30 minutes later I felt like I needed to lay down and didn't feel extremely low but just felt kinda zoned out feeling so I checked and I was 56.. to be safe I rechecked in case it was wrong, it was right. So since 15g of fast acting last time I was low sent me over 200 I only ate 10 and half which was 3 lifesavers. Well it's been 30 minutes and now my blood sugar has already gone from 56 to 170. I'm so sad I don't understand. It's from one extreme to the other. And it's late and I'm afiard I'll drop low when it comes down in the middle of the night now, but it's not like I can eat protein or a snack or something with it this high. I just don't know what to do. Also I just can't figure out why it dropped soo low it's like my 1 hr numbers and 2 hour numbers have been so low lately but then 3 or 4 hours later they go high. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I don't know how to treat this low I guess seeing how I went from 56 to 170...and now doesn't this just mean I'm going to drop low again?... I don't even want to go to sleep now.

A restaurant's a tough place but 139 can be several things, flat, going up or going down and, if you consider different rates, it can be TONS of things, each one of which requires a different approach? It sounds like you did a good job w/ the waiting and all of that but maybe the 139 was going down, inflated by stuff on your fingers or some other "usual suspect" to throw it off? I hate to burn another strip but sometimes, for wierd numbers or if I'm doing something that requires all of me, I'd do another test? Although now I have a CGM. Even tonight that was being weird, reading in the 90s when my meter said 72.

no the 139 was right I had double checked and always wash my hands before. It just seems like I finally feel like I'm starting to get some of it figured out and it flips on me...it's so frustrating I try to be strong and accept it but sometimes I feel like I don't have the control the diabetes does and I don't like that.

I agree with Sally; it's all just data. Please don't expect that something will work exactly the same each time. As Sally said, this is not an exact science. You have now gathered more data: 10 grams is probably too much to correct (I use 2 glucose tabs which are 8 grams). If 20 minutes feels a bit long to wait, then reduce it to 15. There is absolutely no reason you would go low again. Why would you?

You need to remember that bolus and basal are separate issues. if you have a pattern of being too low at two hours (not once but several times than you want to change your I:C ratio a tad. If you are high 3-4 hours later, then that is the basal. Don't confuse the two. Are you still working on your basal? I know you were going to try taking it a bit later for a couple days; if that doesn't work, then try increasing it by a unit). You are not doing anything wrong. You are still trying to get your numbers figured out. How about carb counting? Are you positive your meal was 30 carbs? You are a Type 1. Even when you get your I:C, basals, and ISF as close to right as possible you will still sometimes go low or high. Neither 56 nor 170 are anything to freak out over. Take it easy and just keep accumulating data. You're doing fine.

thank you.

Even those of us who have been dealing with this for YEARS have bad nights, my basals have went to heck not once but twice now, so I've uped them and now Im cutting back, and I managed to have a low of 39 tonight. Now I'm working on bringing down my over correction of that low. Live and learn, and even then its still not an exact science