A question to my friends

I know this is kinda dumb… but I’ve been “thinking” lastnight. I’ve been not using my insulin
because /well… The dr said my diabetes was my fault. If I would lose weight and exercise I wouldnt
be diabetic at all. I was on Byetta and we switched to Humalog because we knew
that when the insurance ended; I wouldn’t be able to afford it. So, I got put on a sliding scale.
The actual problem of being high every morning and able to basically get tight control
all day long after that was never addressed. ( the one thing that I constantly asked about.)
ok. Now, with all the crud going on… yeah…blush… I’m in alot less control. I’m sitting at 160-180
every morning. I’m not eating breakfast; cuz I’m really not hungry. So, I generally eat a piece of fruit around 10 or 11 am instead. Then, we eat lunch around 12:30 to 1:00pm. I normally grab a
flatbread that is high in flax etc and fill it with romaine lettuce, other veggies and sometimes
a bit of turkey or ham.(if we have that.) or the flatbread spread with peanutbutter.
What can I say? I love peanutbutter!:slight_smile: My number before dinner around 6pm is around 120-150 depending on how late I eat lunch.
Ok so Should I use that insulin? 121-150 2 units,151-180 4 units 181-210 is 6 units etc… only I haven’t seen higher numbers… snicker,probably cuz I don’t test at the right time to catch it.
I’m still in the rebellious stage of being diabetic… instead of being mature about this like you all are.

Do you count carbs at all? I’m not sure if I would want to do the sliding scale…I was started on that in the beginning until an insulin/carb ratio was determined and adjusted 4 times before getting it right… but I find that by counting carbs and eating fewer carbs I need less insulin. You should discuss an insulin/carb ratio with your doctor. This is the problem I see with the sliding scale; for example, if your BG is 151-180 so you take 4 units and eat 30 grams of carbs and your BG reacts to a ratio of 1unit/15carbs, 2 units would cover the carbs and the other 2 would probably make you go hypo. This scenario would depend on how sensitive or resistant you are to insulin. To answer your question; if you can’t get good numbers from exercise and lower carbs and you NEED the insulin, yes you should take it.
I was wondering if your Dr. ever put you on oral meds such as Metformin? It seems to be the first line of treatment for T2’s.

Good luck and do take care of yourself…

We did oral meds about 3 or 4 of them… without success. Byetta was
great but too expensive. Now, without insurance.
The doc won’t talk with me. Even before the insurance died, he was
not open to dealing with me as an individual. Just an overweight person
that needs to lose weight. He didnt deal with “when” I had my high number in the morning.
As for carb count … the only way I can eat is veggies only to have complete control. That is personally not for me. It is miserable.
I am not going to sit and eat 12 carbs three times a day just to
be in “compliance and be non-diabetic.” I need to be able to live
within a food budget that fits our financial budget.
More pasta,potatoes and rice or other grains for my kids and myself since it is what we can afford.It fills the tummy. No one is starving; just not
eating the rich life. I have planted tomatoes and lettuce in the yard.
We are now harvesting that for meals which helps alot.
Sorry, I really do not understand the math of how insulin ratios work.
I’m very insulin resistant. LOL! I can look at a slice of bread and go high!
On the other side… I graduated from highschool weighing 178… today.
I weigh 180. I am 5feet 5 inches. Therefore, I’m considered obese.
Like I’ve said… I am still a rebellious diabetic. I try… then I keep getting
emotionally and mentally knocked down. It’s just another rough rocky
road. I’ll do for my family first and me next. I look for my miracles and I
keep trying. I do have “Angels” that look out for me in my times of need.
I’m just really struggling alot right now. It takes alot to admit this… I’m
just so much not wanting to just eat veggies only for the rest of my life.
I want to eat some bread somtimes. I want to eat some other no-no foods sometimes too. It’s just so depressing sometimes. Sometimes, I can
just let it go and do what I’m supposed to.
Thankyou for caring and talking to me. I do appreciate you and my family here on Tudiabetes so much for caring about me. Sometimes just
typing out my rebellious " I want some bread!" helps me thru the day.

Well, it’s dinner time and I made down to 142:) then dear hubby walks
in the door with 3 pounds of salt water taffy and 5 pounds of Strawberry
Twisters. sigh… I’m doing so well. :frowning: I told the kids to put it back in the car for him. He said "No"
I’m hanging here. This is depressing.

I can relate!! I’m a carbo junkie… I love my pasta and won’t go without… I love my pizza…bread…you name it! I just try to look for low carb versions of the foods I love… Sara Lee has a wheat bread that is 45 cals and 9grams of carbs per slice LOL so now I don’t feel guilty eating a sandwich with 2 slices…
It would help if you could see a CDE or even a nutritionist (possibily through your county Health Dept??) to learn how to count carbs. Your numbers are not so bad but they can be better; it seems even if you took only one unit of insulin with your meal you would see an improvement. Are you on ANY meds now? I’m just very concerned about you and wish I could do more to helpI can’t imagine not having insurance and I get upset every time my husband talks about leaving his job…he hates it but the insurance is great…

sigh… Kristi, I’ve just been stuck in this mode for so long. Maybe if Stephen would get activated again…I’d be back in the dr office. As for the health dept etc… We fall between the cracks alot. The sliding scales for finances stinks too. I just need to gripe sometimes…